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Could OWS be organized by establishment-backed "third-party" Americans Elect?

I have no proof for this thought, which is why it is a question! But given that OWS wasn't an entirely organic movement (it was organized by adbusters.org) and given that they do not endorse any candidate, nor even allow discussion of the current candidates on their forum (http://occupywallst.org/forum/moderating-policies-will-be-re...), not even Paul, it seems as if they think they can find someone better than Paul. Then recently I learned about a third-party called Americans Elect - however, while it looked innocent at first, DP users pointed out the establishment members on the board, including a Rothschild. So it begs the question, could OWS be stage to capture the energy generated by the corruption of the elites, and use that energy to prop up a false third-party as the solution? I don't have any proof they are related, and I know OWS is such a large movement and has no central agenda - but it is still possible that Americans Elect (whether related to OWS or not, AE is an establishment movement) will try to seize these energies to prop up a false third-party. All in all, I support anyone in OWS who sides with Paul, and I hope they aren't misled or co-opted.