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Cop to Banker: "He Has a Right to Speak"

Like most bullies, the banks are cowards. They talk a big game, but if confronted with their crimes, they run for cover and go whining to "mommy."

Today, I walked up and down a sidewalk, in front of a branch of Chase and a branch of BofA. I handed out about 250 flyers during lunch hour.

They panicked and called their private security people, then more private security and finally the cops. That's when they found out that they didn't have a leg to stand on.


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I keep just enough FRNs to pay my bills

..in a credit union.

My savings is buried on the corner of Nunya & Kizmiaz.

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I bank at Arvest Bank. It's a

I bank at Arvest Bank.

It's a comparably small bank in Oklahoma and Arkansas area.

It's actually owned by Sam Walton's son.

But they've nothing to do with the housing crisis.

Also, here in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas - home prices are more stable.

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand what people are talking about when they reference a bad economy. It's not really that bad here.

Bout the worst part is the gas price inflation.

This is awesome

This is how a protest works in a free market, A business does something stupid the people protest and the business must correct the problem or lose/go out of business, I like it so much I found a credit union where I live from that site and I am gong to switch, See ya later banks!!!!

I switched

I had my money in BOFA. I moved my money to a local credit union about a year and a half ago. It wasn't the easiest move and I had to give up some conveniences but overall it was worth the peace of mind.

The problem is that many local banks are owned by bigger banks that got TARP money. I had to really research to see if my credit union had received any TARP money. It had not.

People need to realize that banking is a consumer choice. We have been taught that it's unAmerican to take your money out of a bank, but we should choose to deposit our money the same way we shop for appliances or other goods.

If we all did this, the banks would collapse not because of bad loans but because the consumer decided that enough was enough.

Banks should have to compete for our money not with checking gimmicks but with a solid business plan. If one bank said it would keep 50% reserves and only loan out mortgages it would keep and not sell them off, we might bank there instead of one that only kept 10% reserves and would sell off and bundle every loan it makes.

Awesome idea. Too bad about

Awesome idea. Too bad about the grammatical errors in the flyer. A couple of "them"s which should be "themselves":

"They take your deposits and use them to buy politicians, to de-regulate and give -themselves- immunity, interest-free loans and bailouts"

"Then they turn around and charge you fees to make -themselves- even richer"

I'm sure some will call me out for being the "grammar police"... but this is important when handing out flyers that are intended to sway people your way.


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That is just awesome!

See there are still good cops. Or maybe there are good cops again, I don't know, but that story is awesome, thanks for posting!

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good story

we need more uplifting stories like this.

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I wish I had the address of this cop, excuse me, Peace Officer.

I would surely send him a big bouquet of red, white and blue flowers. This is a fine example of what it means to protect and serve. This officer should get a medal. I love this story.

leaflet--and picket--banks. Nonviolently, of course!

Hats off to the DP poster who personally told the banks(ters) where to get off, and did it in public! Hats off to the policeman who stood up for the law--and the Constitution--especially when there are SO MANY rotten eggs in municipal and county police departments all over the country.

Why should OWS demonstrators have all the fun? By all means, inform your fellow Americans of the bankers' evil and what Ron Paul intends to do about it. Avoid the bank's private property and do not obstruct entrances or exits, and you'll probably be alright.

Who knows, maybe even some of the bank's employees might know what scoundrels their senior management people are, and will support our efforts to replace (fiat money fractional reserve) banks with something better! It never hurts to try.

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And by the way, of course he

And by the way, of course he had a right to speak, but in America today what the law says is meaningless if the cop decides he doesn't like you exercising your right to speak. If it actualy happened then he's lucky because in most circumstances this would end very badly and probably violently for him. In America today the only rights you have are what the cop graciously allows you to have. And he can take it away at any time as well.

The cop said ""He has the

The cop said ""He has the right to speak and the right to hand out flyers. Unless he blocks you or causes a disturbance, he has the right to be here - please don't call the police again if he is not bothering you. If you don't like free speech you should move to another country.""

Forgive my skepticism but I have a hard time believing an American cop is going to defend a citizen's right to freedom of speech. Cops almost always take the side of whoever calls them first and especially if they are a business. I hope I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure this didn't happen.

I'm betting that in light of Occupy Wall Street

police are getting special training about what is allowed and what is not allowed. The movement is nationwide and orgnizations tend to try to keep ahead of trend.

While working on the floor of the Post Office - I recall that EVERY TIME something made the news - anthrax scare, 911, ricin, even bombs the liquid explosives scare - we were ALWAYS given safety talks on what to look out for, what was okay and what wasn't etc.

I'm sure police agencies are doing the same.

NOT because of any big concern for the public - but in order to keep top brass from getting into trouble if the national concern of the day should come here.

I completly agree and make a

I completly agree and make a distinction between county sheriffs and city police. In Texas the sheriffs are generally very good and professional. A lot of people are unaware of the extent to which our police have become a throughly corrupt institution. Again, you may wish to have a look at this: http://www.theagitator.com/category/police-professionalism/

Do NOT lump all of them together

there are liberty members in the law enforcement.

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I hope you're right and

I hope you're right and certainly the oathkeepers are, but the fact remains that police in America are the most corrupt institution and it runs deep and wide. You might be interested in looking here: http://www.theagitator.com/category/police-professionalism/


Thanks for the post. It's good to hear a positive story about the police once in awhile. It gives us perspective. Keep up the good work!

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.