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Your opinion on career choice

Straight out of college: Do you take the highest paying job or the job you feel most comfortable in?

They are both in the same field but have different work environments. One is public sector and one is for a private company. I don't like the idea of posting salaries so these are not the real ones, but hypothetically lets say that the public sector job pays 44k and the private sector job pays 50k.

Let's say that the private sector job I will be working in a cubicle around 7 or 8 other Software Developers who are somewhat arrogant and are always trying to prove how beastly their coding skills. The public sector job is more laid back and related to developing applications for other departments and to help the public. The private sector job is on a strict time table and will probably be more stressful.

All other benefits are equal except that the public sector job will cost more to live there. Very high property and rental costs.

Which job do you take?

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