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Former Governor Ventura Talks Paul/Ventura Ticket

Ventura told Alex’s audience that Paul is handling his run “brilliantly” because he needs to remain in the Republican Party in order to stay in the debates and use the establishment media to make his political stand on the issues known.

“He should cling to the Republicans all the way until they make their choice,” Ventura said. “That way he can get all the free air time, even though mainstream media ignores him.” He said the Republican debates are “virtually unwatchable” and Rep. Paul is “clearly the only one who makes any sense whatsoever out of the whole bunch of candidates up there.”


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I like Jesse but I like Judge

I like Jesse but I like Judge Nap more, alot more.

Jesse Ventura has the

Jesse Ventura has the "animal" magnitism necessary to attract people who never evolve past the basest level of human nature.

needsto be someone who

is "Presidential" material... someone close to Dr. Paul in humility and principle... someone who 'gets it' all the way to the core... Personally, I like Tom Woods...

Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura?

Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura? Can't wait!

A better VP would be Dennis Kucinich

I love Ventura and he is a hero. However, the ignorant majority of people out there think Ventura is "crazy". He's clearly not crazy, but a Paul/ Ventura ticket could end up discrediting Paul in many ways.

Dennis Kucinich would be an incredibly effective pick for VP running mate.

Almost all Republican voters would vote for Paul to avoid having Obama around another term. Paul/ Kucinich would bring in an huge amount of indepenent voters with a Republican/ Democrat ticket. They would also pull in a respectable portion of democrat voters from Obama because of their view on foriegn policy. They also agree on FED. Icing on the cake, Dennis is very good at debates.

I would love to see a Paul/ Kucinich ticket if Paul wins the GOP nomination. I think it would also give Paul the best chance to beat Obama.

Why would a socialist

Why would a socialist despised by the right be a good choice? Sorry for being so blunt, but I hate seeing the assertion here constantly. I lived in Cleveland, and he is a socialist. Period.

Look at the big picture

For Paul to win he would need to beat Obama. The only way to beat Obama is to get most (hopefully all) republican votes, pull in a large section of independant/ libertarian votes and at least small section of democrats. Paul and Kucinich might not agree on everything by any means but look at what policies/ philosophies they do agree on. Not to mention, Kucinich is not a slave to corporate intrests. This is why Paul and Kucinich respect eachother so much.

-The immediate, phased withdrawal of all U.S. forces from Iraq

-Immediate withdrawal from the World Trade Organization (WTO) and North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

-Return the Federal Reserve powers to Treasury

-Return to a gold standard

-Ending the war on drugs

-Immediate repeal of the USA Patriot Act

Believe me, I would rather Paul run, AND WIN with Ventura or a libertarian. I think Kucinich would give Paul the best chance to beat Obama.