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Nat'l Review critical piece on RP and OWS

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Slow down people!

That is not a hit piece. Everyone calm down and actually read the thing.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Well sure it is.

It's a passive aggressive one but still a hit piece.. That's not to say that it won't do us some good because obviously the idiot that wrote it has big gov stuck up far up where the sun doesn't shine, it makes black look like pastel.

Edit: I'd like to pint out what someone else did in the comments about the article.

The RP supporters that are there teaching OWS are obviously making headway. It doesn't hurt either that Dr.Paul has weighed in on OWS in a positive way with his comments. Praising them for their End the Fed beliefs.

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Charles Cooke is a Neocon, BigGov shill

live the rest of National Review. He intentionally tried to alienate people at OWS who are learning about and leaning toward Paul.

I am so glad to see a good column of comments showing that many NR readers see through his bias.

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The Comments regarding this article!!! WOW!

Glad you posted this article, marcrogers, and thoroughly appreciated the well-written, thoughtful REPLIES to the author on the National Review Board! The reactions surely seemed PRO-Paul to me!

Susie 4 Liberty