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What Would You Suggest Dr. Paul Say In His Closing Remarks In The Next Debate?

I would like for Dr. Paul to say:

When I am President I will work to cut spending one trillion dollars the first year in office.

I bring the troops home all over the world where they are no longer needed.

I would stop immediately sending money to countries that do not like us.

I would put troops on our borders and allow states to follow the law protecting their borders.

I will follow the constitution.

Jesus Christ is my Lord.

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What I'd like to hear him say

Probably wouldn't go over too well. I don't really see the words coming from him anyway. :)

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rebuttals and main sticking points I have overwhelmingly heard from GOP... they like him, but...

1) they are looking for a fighter (or a literal boxing match) to beat Obama. Ron needs to show both *peace through *strength

2) they do not understand at all monetary policy... their eye's glaze over without a catchy catch-phrase. Here he needs to go Glenn Beck style and showcase dire warning *with* hope. They also need for be reminded of Tea Party principles here.

3) foreign policy. He absolutely must explain what we must do here and why. The why being that we will not have a defense if our dollar fails... we will become non-interventionists against our will if we do not do something different here. Bring them home, restock, reload and defend our borders. Obama is ceasing upon modern GOP foreign policy in his power grab.

These are the 3 major sticky points of GOP indoctrination and apathy that are crucial in convincing them to vote for him.

he needs to..

take his time without rushing his words and come across the screen like Reagan did. He needs to come across with both dire warning *and* hope for our future. He needs to begin telling everyone he is the only one who truly understands the financial markets out of all the other candidates... the only one who can steer this ship from the iceberg awaiting us. We are facing a paramount financial crisis and one only needs to look at Greece. He needs to explain that Greece could at any time pull out of the Euro and instantly topple the US and world economies in the blink of an eye.
He needs to explain that he is the *only* one putting forth a serious economical agenda to save this great nation. He is the only one taking it seriously and is the reason he decided to run again as he has nothing to gain for himself, but the people's best interest... the people come before him. And, if we don't become non-interventionists now, we will if our dollar fails. And... then he needs to remind the GOP that he is the only one with an unmovable base that would crawl over glass to see him elected and duke it out with the liberals. These are the Reagan Dems and Indies, the youth and the Libertarian and he could ask for the vote of the remaining Republican party to push this nation to victory... and restoration of our liberties.
Of course, he could do this at any point during his question and answer portion.

Chances are, there will be no closing statements.

The last several debates have not offered any formal closing statements.

Historically, our party has

Historically, our party has tried to choose between conservative principles and electability. Well, not this time. I am the most conservative candidate on this stage and I am also the most electable against Barack Obama.

I am pro-Life. I am pro-2nd amendment. I am pro-national defense, while also being pro-peace. I am the most conservative on fiscal policy. I have never voted for an unbalanced budget.

Polls so far this year have consistently found that I am one of the top 1 or 2 Republican candidates head-to-head against Obama. Moreover, I am the most elected candidate on this stage. My constituents, who know me best, have elected me twelve times.

I favor state’s rights, but even a state should not be in the business of forcing people to buy stuff against their will.

I am a medical doctor, but I have never tried to dispense medical treatment to a young girl without the consent of her parents.

I have never been the chairman of a Federal Reserve Bank; I want to End The Fed!

Americans, we are facing perilous times. Don’t let someone else tell you to vote for the big government, big media, big corporation candidate. For once you can vote for true conservative values and also be voting for a winner.

good one to take to rp

good comments above...will rp see it and use it?




Focus on promises kept during one's own term.

"It's a time-honored tradition among politicians to promise things that are supposed to have results long after they are out of office. Today we can't afford that irresponsibility. My plan cuts $1 trillion from our budget in the very first year, and will balance the budget in my third year.

"I call on all my opponents in this election to play it straight with American voters. Make your promises about things that will come due during your term. Feel free to promise things you will accomplish during your second term if reelected, but you absolutely MUST offer the American people something they can truly count on if you are elected. Please join me in that commitment. If America's next president doesn't step up to the plate, the results will be catastrophic for our nation."


"If we're serious about cutting spending then my budget is the answer. I'm the only candidate who can offer a plan to cut a trillion the first year and balance the budget in 3 years. Nobody else will even come close.

Unlike the other people on this stage, I have a record of not just saying no, but of actually voting to back up my word EVERY SINGLE TIME. Virtually every dime I make in donation is from individuals and not from wall street because they know I can't be bought.

I get more donations from the military than President Obama and everyone else up on this stage because they understand the danger our interventionist foreign policy and out of control welfare state represent for our country. So please support your troops by taking a serious look at my candidacy".

If you have hope that American freedoms can be restored

If you belieive we can change the direction of America's future

If you are ready to join me in this vital mission

Then I am ready to be your next President.


Washington does not have a problem of too little taxes. It has a problem of too much spending. So far I am the only candidate that has put forth a serious candidate to balance the budget during my term. The rest of the candidates have not. This speaks volumes.

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"Capitalism should not be condemned, since we haven't had capitalism." -Dr. Ron Paul

I would say

I am Ron Paul and not the greatest speaker in 30 second sound bites as some people on this stage because I feel there are so many problems to cover that I want to fit them all in. I have not taken one cent for this campaign from a corporation or a lobbyist, my campaign is funded completely by public supporters who have researched me and found my record to match what I say and what I have said for 30 years. I challenge you to research me after tonight and if you believe what I say and what I have said to be a lie, then please do not cast your vote for me. I want you to be free and there are dangers and risks involved if you do not live up to your God given potential, I wish not to carry you, I have great hope and faith in you that you are smart and strong enough to carry yourself. I believe in America because I believe in it's people, a heavy government hand has no belief in it's people. Vote for me if you believe in yourself.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Ron may not get a closing statement

if it goes like it did in the last debate. You have some good ideas, but it would be safer to say these things as part of his opening statement.

he should say

hey what about me? dont i get a closing statement? you always seem to run out of time when its my turn!

Tell The Nation Who You Are

Tell the nation the truth who you are and they will respect you. This nation is looking for an honest man that will tell them the truth.


Tell The Nation Who You Are

Tell the nation the truth who you are and they will respect you. This nation is looking for an honest man that will tell them the truth.


Tell The Nation Who Your Are

Tell the nation the truth who you are and they will respect you. This nation is looking for an honest man that will tell them the truth.


political will

are you planning on sending this in to rp office or to rp?

something to the effect that he is the only candidate with
the political will to execute on my positions and consistent track record of having forsight that led to my work in auditing and reigning in the federal reserve and warning of the 2008 economic crisis and euro crisis and global sovereign debt crisis that is the biggest crisis in our history. i don't have a long histroy of flip flops like romney so it comees to a point where you don't know what he will say or what he will do leading to confusion and uncertainity economically and from a national security perspective.

role of a preesident is to have forsight and be shrewd in seeing crisis before they happen and knowing economic fundamentals like how an economy booms and busts to resolve crisis. and i am the only one with the forsight and knowledge while romney mocked me while i made these predictions a few years ago and instead backed bailouts of big banks.