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Ron Paul is too old and unelectable. Says who?

I hear it all of the time and I'm sure you have too, "Well, I like some of Ron Paul's ideas but he is just unelectable," or the pathetic argument "he's too old!" Both of these arguments are ridiculous and can easily be debated. First off, Ron Paul is in great physical and mental shape. I guarantee the man exercises a lot more than Chris Christie! As for the age aspect, if one looks at the previous three presidents, Clinton, Bush, and Obama, their average age during Inauguration Day was 49 years old. And look how well our country is doing now....15 trillion dollars in debt and we are also engaged in 6 wars, (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, and Somalia)! Maybe it's time for someone with some real life experiences, such as military service in the Air Force and a practicing doctor who has delivered 4,000 babies to lead the country.
As for Ron Paul being unelectable, that is complete B.S. because anyone that is unelectable would not have be elected 12 times to the United States House of Representatives! If anyone is unelectable it would be Herman Cain, who truly has not be elected to public office, which would mean he's is less electable than Dr. Paul. And if we're talking about unelectability, Mitt Romney would be that candidate to look at. This guy had millions and millions of dollars to spend in the 2008 election and was seen as the front-runner and was not elected. This would tell me that he is unelectable, NOT Ron Paul!!!!!!!!!!

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Says who?

Says who?