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The Real and Present Danger of Herman Cain

I'm not much for bashing the other candidates, and I am definitely ANTI-Schadenfreude, but this is a very compelling article.


"I'm not sure yet what to make of the sexual harassment charges against Herman Cain. If it is true that Cain used his position of authority to sexually harass subordinates, that raises real questions about his moral and ethical character that must be answered. Whether the allegations are true or not, however, even a casual perusal of Herman Cain's public pronouncements reveals that he has a striking shallowness of mind and a woefully underdeveloped critical intellect that render him unable to fully fathom the complexities of social and political life in America."

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Herman Cain represents the

Herman Cain represents the same interests as Barak Obama.
He's an apologist for the debt slavery & tax bondage imposed on ALL Americans since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.
Herman Cain is the FED/IRS Complex candidate. Cain sells himself as the anti-polit­ician. He is anything but. It takes far more political skill and seasoning to navigate one's way into the chairmansh­ip of a Federal Reserve Bank than most offices.
Herman Cain is an Anti-Ameri­can, Anti-Freed­om virus that needs to be eradicated from the planet.
Americans are approachin­g the state of awakening required to throw off the shackles of a cabal of a few priviledge­d banks and corporatio­ns (the Federal Reserve Shareholde­rs) who dictate the degree of slavery each of us lives under.
The unrest we see beginning to manifest is the spirit in each of us that hungers for Liberty.
Like you said Dr. H., Herman Cain, is the entertaini­ng, folksy, candidate who commands loyalty of of the ignorant masses. But he is here to pre-empt the Anti-Slave­ry, Anti-Fed/I­RS Complex uprising.
And in spite of all the accusation­s being flung at him he is still rising in the polls and most telling -- his fundraisin­g is soaring. That's frightenin­g.
Make no mistake, Barack Obama was installed by the very same forces that are putting Herman Cain up to compete. Both puppets of the 1%.They are both here to protect the interests of the globalist elite and continue the bondage of the masses.