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Everyone Besides Ron Paul & Mitt Romney Have Been Voted Off The GOP Island

Perry is now off in Lalaland. I've no idea what he's on, but good for him...he's happy, and he now joins Bachmann and Santorum at the Happy Land psychiatric political ward.

Americans are not happy...nor is Ron Paul - Ron Paul is the concerned and angry candidate.

Mitt Romney is the consummate flip flopper candidate. He would kiss the ass of both sides until his face is brown and lips are numb from all of his ass kissing.

Newt has no money, a lot of political baggage to boot, and no grassroots support. He has name recognition, and that's about it.

Cain has no money, and a catastrophic PR sexual harrassment problem that's gone viral and will soon sink his political ship....

It simply comes down to a process of elimination.

Everyone but Ron Paul and Romney have been voted off the GOP island.

Let's be real here...the 2012 race to the GOP republican nomination has now come down to a race between two candidates - Ron Paul and Mitt Romney.

On November 9th, get ready to see Mitt Romney naked.

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The other candidates are cannibalizing each other.

All they're doing is swapping support amongst themselves. Paul's support is rock solid. When you latch on to Ron Paul's way of thinking, nothing else makes sense. Let them prop one up, and then another, they're trying to shake out Ron Paul's support, but that ain't gonna happen. They've already sucked the marrow out of Perry's Top Tier campaign. I've never seen the likes of Rush and Hannity coming to the aide of anyone like they are Cain. That causes me to scratch my head. Maybe they feel that black Cain can trounce semi black Obama, and he might, but I'm concerned at the way they're rushing to Cain's aide in troops, as in ALL in for FOX, Drudge and others. They're not even looking at his policies (or lack of). Anyone who stands there and claims "details don't matter in foreign policy" is a little clownish, wouldn't you say?

alan laney

In spite of all this, I am

In spite of all this, I am still having great difficulty getting neocon family members to see that RP is the best and only real choice for POTUS. I am reminded of the saying: You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink!

Called it last month

only Romney we have 2 worry about. Wonder after Paul wins Iowa what wil the media say?

Restore the Republic


Romney Comes in Close Third to Native Hawkeye's Strong Second

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I'd be surprised if Mitt was

I'd be surprised if Mitt was nominated for no reason other than he is mormon. While I personally don't see that as an issue (I have other issues with Mitt) there is a large part of the GOP that won't support a mormon from my understanding. Not sure why :/


Last election. Mittens took the deal to step out for the nomination this time. Simple politics

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Things may be lining up for

Things may be lining up for RP, but do not become complacent.

We need to continue focusing on our goal, keep our eyes on the target.

Keep running with all that we have, with every ounce of strength and do it as if we are being chased by a pack of hungry wolves.


I hate to be the bubble burster...

... but, Cain supporters are completely blinded and following their own version of the 'messiah' complex and being fed by Hannity (somewhat), and Levin (most definitely). Levin has even kicked Paul supporters off his Facebook island, therefore no dialogue in that realm. So, I'm not so sure Cain is going any where at this moment. Hannity and some others are beginning to push Gingrich and if this vast bunch of sheeple can't think for themselves that means we cannot rest and we need to keep pushing forward. Dr. Paul needs to *keep* doing what he's doing and going on to every show he can so that the sheeple can see how many times these guys *agree* with him... and I've even heard an idea floated on DP to make sure we put ads on the radio where ever Rush, Levin, Hannity can be heard.

disagree with you

romney and obama are the only other two serious campaigns and they have identified each other as the only rivals several months ago. and obama's campaign manager is sure making look obama good by critiquing romney: check this bi article out: http://www.businessinsider.com/heres-what-we-know-about-obam...

when you critique a true opponent that means you are in a competition and have a smart strategy going. when you critique cain, it means you don't know who or what your competiton is and that you are at cain's level. romney has been mocking paul and i suppose some may people think that is just fine and just continue with the same wording of a 35 year old message.

cain and perry were never rivals. only romney and obama.

unfortunately, there could be a better hook to draw in the anti-romney and anti-obama crowd. rp supporters get that hook, but others haven't understood that hook yet regarless of the number of interviews. hence, rp keeps getting asked what his strategy is for winning and he keeps responding the same thing that he is keep going to give the same broad message he has for 35 years. but his poll numbers are flat now at 12%. so more people aren't getting it. it is like selling any product, say splenda, you have to keep refreshing the marketing and the message to hook new customers in but keep the basic product. just keeping the basic product for 35 yrs is not broadening the base.

the key is to come up with that message as the hook. morning joe did a great job of marketing rp, but that needs to be repeated in debates and interviews and you don't even need as many ads if debates draws in voters.

will there be any change in rp during debates? ads don't do as good of a job as debates. is there anything to be improved on in last several debates? any answer he could have given that would have been better? any way he could inject himself in debates even when not directly asked a question by the moderator?

here is a quote from a bi article: "Bachmann hopes her tough talk will help her regain her footing in a state that her advisers see as a linchpin in their strategy."


1. succintly state points giving details that refer to current situation that reflect both right and left. structure with high level argument with a couple of bullet points that are detailed

2. make sure in each answer to give why you are a better choice than romney and obama, blast your candidates in a professional manner w/out petty heated fights

3. don't let anyone dismiss you, especially when they are lying like when cain lied about not being against an audit

4. act tough thru your words and that you mean it like noonelse could mean it

5. have answers be less about education and more about how your position makes sense and why you are the most reliable candidate over romney. the message needs to include ron paul at the center of the answer.



Yeah, I've noticed that a few people seem to think that Cain is no longer much of a threat, but IMO he's a big issue for the time being.

Many of his followers are people who simply don't want to see Mitt or Paul get the nod, so they're more or less going to rally behind Cain no matter what (and I'm guessing he knows this)...unless Newt and Santorum become the new "frontrunners", lol.

The most important thing (besides becoming a delegate or at least registering Republican where need be,) is to be active in one's own neighborhood IMO. I keep getting Dr. Paul's name out there around my area, and it's going pretty well. I show people ronpaulflix and a few other sites and am going to set up a phone line specifically for people who have questions after talking to me in person or see one of the flyers put out (I work mostly from home, so that helps).

Some people choose to go the facebook route...but personally I hate facebook. ;0 Others seem to try calling in Hannity's or Rush's shows or a local neocon talk show and that seems to bear a little fruit every now and again.

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He is raising even more money

He is raising even more money now..

What would be great in next stage debate...

...is if somehow Willard M. and Ron Paul are side-by-side like pArry/Mitt last time. AND...

1) Dr. Paul agrees with the premise of this headline.

2) Ron Paul decides it's "gloves off" time and goes bare-knuckle w/Romney on REAL issues like Bachmann did to pArry re: Gardasil.

3) He tears Romney up so bad that he steps over and lays one of those big Mittens on Ron Paul!! (Heck, a fistful of lapel would be even more graphic.)


Serious hot-head publicity for Flipper (you got physical with a smaller, 76-yr-old man??) and a VISUAL impression to even the most dumbed-down viewer that, "hey -- Ron Paul must be very RIGHT about everything if Romney got THAT embarrassed/pixxed-off!!"

You've ignored Gingrich

who sadly could make a serious run here. Which is appalling.

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He didn't ignore Newt. Read

He didn't ignore Newt. Read it again.

I meant

summarized into insignificance which sadly I don't think will be the case.

Pottawattamie County Iowa

"Capitalism should not be condemned, since we haven't had capitalism." -Dr. Ron Paul