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What factoids should I include in my Fed flyer?

Thank you very much!

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Lets see...

* It's a private cartel of multinational banks
* We have no visibility or authority over monetary decisions
* The Fed is unConstitutional
* Artificially controls money supply and interest rates leading to easy cheap money, poor financial decisions, and malinvestment, which benefits the government borrowing and 1%
* Classical economist unanimously believe that central banking leads to central planning & Fascism
* American taxpayers pay the Federal Reserve interest on money supply through the income tax.
* Money is created though a debt based money system.
* Federal Reserve notes are not backed by a value based commodity like gold or silver. Fed dollars are a Fiat currency not connected to anything other then the faith & credit of the US government.
* The sole purpose of any government adopting a central bank is for the inflationary financing of war.
* The Fed prevents the market from correcting bad investments and poorly engineered efforts to stimulate economic growth.

Good Quotes about the Fed can be found here: http://www.dailypaul.com/95424/famous-quotes-about-the-feder...

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