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Ron Paul Marijuana Flyer Ideas Needed

A group of us are wanting to put ron paul flyers in various medical marijuana dispensaries up and down california as we visit them.

Ron Paul is the only President who will 100% stop the federal b.s. that is going on around here.

Any ideas would be great. Marijuana legalization or if anything medical marijuana that the federal level LEAVES ALONE is a great effort that a LARGE amount of independents and democrats would vote for.

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great posts so far

A ton of great ideas here. I think the marijuana voters that are within all the states could and would have enough pull to get ron elected on their own lol.

The question is, can we all get off our asses and get potheads motivated to GET ACTIVE AND HELP.

I think many marijuana smokers who could care less about politics WOULD register to vote SOLELY for the marijuna vote and I have no problem with marketing to that specific group as it is HUGE.

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check this

These were featured in the For Liberty documentary of the 08 campaign... apparently they are untouchable...

Someone with RPForums acct please contact 'Mcdermit' and get him to repost the links to these as they are apparently broken.



i did some work on this

a couple months ago but never got them printed out in time for the festival i was attending... heres my rough info...


Most of our history, believe it or not, had no drug laws. Prohibition has been an absolute failure for alcohol. Drug addiction is a medical problem. It’s not a problem of the law.
-Source: 2007 GOP Values Voter Presidential Debate Sep 17, 2007

The drug war encourages violence. Government violence against nonviolent users is notorious and has led to the unnecessary prison overpopulation. Innocent taxpayers are forced to pay for all this so-called justice. Our drug eradication project (using spraying) around the world, from Colombia to Afghanistan, breeds resentment because normal crops and good land can be severely damaged. Local populations perceive that the efforts and the profiteering remain somehow beneficial to our own agenda in these various countries.
Source: House speech, in Foreign Policy of Freedom, p.159-160 Oct 25, 2001

The drug craze reflects the desperate feeling of many. Young people remains skeptical of a generation that kills ten times as many with alcohol as with hard drugs and yet pontificates about the dangers of smoking marijuana. Lack of consistency never contributes to credibility.
Source: Freedom Under Siege, by Ron Paul, p. 6-7 Dec 31, 1987

Paul co-sponsored the States' Rights to Medical Marijuana Act:

Paul scores A by VOTE-HEMP on pro-hemp legalization policies
Norml gave Paul highest percentile ranking among congress (+30)

Paul sponsored Industrial Hemp Farming Act

At least send them this...

my Ron Paul Medical Marijuana video


Mirand Sharma

Fed flier ideas too :|

I think Ron Paul has said

I believe he said he would get the federal government out of it and leave it to the states as it should be.

What is Ron Paul's possition? He has said nothing

this election. He says it would be up to the states, and CA for one is calling Obama to shut the system as is, down.

I wish Ron Paul would say something about cannabis all around, medical marijuana and hemp, legalize or decriminalize?


This isn't a big conservative Republican issue and I think Ron fears that it will turn off a lot of the establishment Republicans that we need to vote for him. I think once he wins the nomination, we'll hear a lot more about it along with ending the income tax, etc.

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

It wasn't Obama

It's Jerry Brown asking Obama for help. Brown wants legalization, Californians want decriminalization. Ron Paul says it's up to the states. So Ron Paul would be just like Obama right now... helping Brown force legalization.

bring up the issue in limited circumstance..

if you happen to be chatting with a one-issue voter based on marijuana.. this issue turns on limited voters while turning many more away.. just not smart to make it as public as in the form of a flier, same as talking it on ratio, tv.

Who do you trust to tell you what drugs you can have?

the government (insert DEA agent photo)


a doctor (insert Dr. Paul photo).


I would change the word "drugs" to "medicine" though. Really great work!

I like your wording better


How about

Nug is Gun spelled backwards.. I think...anyway enjoy..

The Pods have spoken

thank you!


Maybe put the flyers in shape of mary leaf.


for activism.

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...Not just marimjuana...

!!!...ALL FORMS OF IT...!!!

Ron Paul mentioned this at various times, but what do we all focus on?

The stuff that has THC in it and gets you high,
NOT the stuff useable in industry.

Unless you call for ALL HEMP to be legalized, you will forever be marginalized.

RON2012PAUL...The r3VOLution continues...
"I always win"
+GOLD and SILVER are money+

That's a tricky one

I would focus on conveying the freedom message, the idea that we are getting away from militaristic police control of our lives (benefit), and how ending the war on drugs would actually end the financial incentive for illegal drug runners to profit (benefit), and end persecution and imprisonment of non-violent offenders of the current federal drug laws (benefit). You don't want to paint Dr. Paul as actually supporting smoking or drug use with hippy marijuana drug leaves, etc. I'd focus on block style military helmet type images of tank like forces marching up to force you into submission that are crossed out, ending the use of force (benefit) to be replaced by freedom and flags waving in the wind. Cross out the innocent men and women behind bars (benefit). Cross out the judges gavels sentencing you to prison (benefit). We can not make moral choices under compulsion, you must have the ability to choose and make the choice not to harm your health for yourself, and also take the responsibility for your life if you do become an addict and not ask society to pay to fix you. Hopefully people will choose to go running instead of smoking as their personal choice. The fact that in the case of marijuana, aside from the dangers of smoke inhalation the plant does have unique benefits as a medicine means that its use is not all bad or unhealthy for medical reasons, so I would show something of a medical doctor or nurse to convey the beneficial properties. Arguing it is less harmful for recreational use than worse drugs like alcohol, or nicotine, in which whose use ironically many law abiding citizens revel, may not win many votes. Since there are food and mercantile uses for hemp (protein, oil, fiber) not necessarily related to the THC kind of hemp, that could bring other economic benefits if the prohibition were lifted that might be conveyed with images of farm tractors, food on tables, and textiles, etc. Get the idea that we want to let local voters decide how to handle it appropriate for their communities, show local people with hands raising in a vote. Arguing for the freedom to do something like take drugs that you wouldn't condone doing is tricky, but I would focus on the individual saying I should be able to decide for myself what I put in my body. Show the benefits one after another with images and words. I think it could be done with two color silhouette type images.

Ron Paul has said he would pardon all non-violent drug offenders

In federal prison. That would be a good talking point. It is something he has the constitutional authority to do, and you can trust that he would follow through on his campaign promises because he has a 30 year record of doing just that.

One Issue Voters - Really is easier to get than trying to get

Them to like EVERYTHING ron paul stands for. I think many OVERSELL ron paul and freak many out. For instance, medical marijuana patients simply need to hear how Ron Paul will 100% leave INDIVIDUAL LIBERTIES to the person.

No other candidate can beat Ron Paul. Obama is going to get beat badly lol. I can't wait to get Ron the nom!

Med Patients need to hear this ONE ISSUE specifically and leave it at that.

Want to legalize marijuana? Elect Ron Paul for President

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