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Ron Paul Speech in Minnesota at the St Cloud Convention Center Nov. 5th

Start: November 5, 2011 10:30 am
End: November 5, 2011 11:30 am
Venue: St Cloud Convention Center
Address: 10 4th Ave South, St Cloud, MN, United States, 56301

Here is an article about Ron Paul's up coming speech in St. Cloud on this Saturday:


In a parade of what he views as pandering presidential hopefuls, Sam Swedberg says one stands out.

Swedberg, a St. Cloud State University senior, says his frustration with conventional politicians spurred him to support Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Swedberg is one of thousands expected Saturday at St. Cloud Civic Center, where Paul will speak at a rally to launch his campaign in Minnesota. The St. Cloud State chapter of Youth for Ron Paul, of which Swedberg is a member, will volunteer at the event.

Paul’s campaign is notable for the share of support it draws from young people.

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Any news yet from the boots

Any news yet from the boots on the ground in St. Cloud or Fargo?


Is there any video?

Yea! You all come back heah,

Yea! You all come back heah, and tell us all about these events! Hope turnout is as expected and LOTS of people volunteer at new HQ.

Also in Fargo Today the 5th!

I don't know why it isn't listed in the campaign events on the official site, but Ron Paul & Jack Hunter are going to be featured speakers at the Free Market Forum in Fargo today! (And I will be there to see them in person!)

This is an excerpt from an email I received from the North Dakota Campaign for Liberty:

"In the evening, North Dakota Policy Council is hosting their annual Free Market Forum at the Civic Center . . . with special guest speakers Congressman Ron Paul and columnist Jack Hunter."

This event will take place after the MN event--at 6:30 in the evening.

Wrong map!

... I'm sitting in Texas and I can see clearly that the map supplied by the campaign is way off target... good grief!

Plano TX

I know...9 miles off


according to an article someone here

posted last week, they are expecting 3000 people!

Ron Paul in Minnesota!

It was fun stuffing swag bags on Wednesday night for the St. Cloud event! :-) Can't wait to see Dr. Paul in person for the first time tomorrow!

how did it go? lots of excitement?


cool. good to hear DPers are involved!


ytc's picture

WHAT an energetic presidential candidate we have here!

Kudos to Youth for Ron Paul.



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