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Will The World Call Him Mr. President or Dr. President?

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I just pictured some strong-jawed, cocky guy saying, "That's DOCTOR President to you, bub."

"Trust men and they will be true to you; treat them greatly, and they will show themselves great." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Just call him The Doctor

That holds more weight than all other titles :P - especially in the Doctor Who universe ;-).

How About..

Mr. President, Dr. Ron Paul!

Doesn't president outrank doctor?

Mr. is a title af respect

Dr. (M.D.) is a title of achievement
President is a title of popularity

Reminds me the incident where Sen. Boxer chided a brigadier General for calling her "Ma'am" instead of Senator.


I'd have loved to hear the general reply:

"Ma'am is a title of respect, while Senator is a title of popularity. If you would rather be popular than respected, I'm happy to oblige, Senator Boxer."