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We dropped the ball

Four years ago, we had the first money bomb on the 5th of November and broke the single day record in fundraising. This year, I haven't seen anything about any moneybomb on that day. I think we really dropped the ball. I will be donating on that day anyway. The revolutionary tone in this country has grown exponentially in four years and we don't do anything to celebrate it. Sigh.

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every time we do something

every time we do something worthwhile it gets ripped off by beck and the gop . Its ours i say we take it back with a spontaneous moneybomb.



Nah, we didn't drop

the ball. The Nov 5th stuff was so four years ago. Remember Paul supporters are ahead of the trends, lol. Now other groups are copying us. We'll keep moving forward with our liberty movement.

Some like to use November 5th

to associate us with terrorism. Wasn't that when Glen Beck said that we were terrorists?

So... as good as that date was, maybe we should let it go.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

Yeah he said that. And look

Yeah he said that. And look where he's at now. Top of the charts...


The economy was in the biggest bubble in history.

The bubble popped about a year later and the greatest depression in history has been raging for 3 years. The economy bound to failure by Congress and the Federal Reserve.

Unemployment animated

Free includes debt-free!

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Nah. . . four yrs ago that Nov 5th guy fawkes masque had a

shock value.

For this year I think 11.11.11 Support the Troops/ Bring Them Home theme has more relevance (in the midst of the neocon let's-attack-Iran-or-any-African-countries war drums). Besides six ONEs (three 11s) has a nice visual impact. . . like the rifles or lifted bayonets on soldiers' shoulders as they march back towards HOME to fulfill their honorable mission of Mutually Assured Respect Ron Paul doctrine :-)

I think it was a calculated decision

Consider that the hacker group Anonymous has now taken over the whole V for Vendetta mask thing. I think Ron Paul's campaign probably does not want to be associated with them. That's my guess.