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Ron Paul, Obama Big Winners in Illinois State University Straw Poll

NORMAL – If local college students had their way, the 2012 race would be between President Barack Obama and Republican U.S. Rep. Ron Paul.

That’s according to a new straw poll, sponsored by Illinois State University’s American Democracy Project, which surveyed 426 students.

The GOP part of the poll was won by Paul, a Texas Republican, who took 35 percent of the vote. Next were former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (19 percent) and businessman Herman Cain (16 percent).

ISU professor Steve Hunt said it’s no surprise. He said Paul’s message – from economics to an antiwar foreign policy – resonates with young voters.

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We're working hard @ Illinois State University

We're getting out the message about Ron Paul at ISU here in Central Illinois and its great to see a win like this; especially considering our core group had no idea it was even taking place!

Jason Riddle

Bloomington/Normal, IL

if Obama didn't get 50% he's not "the big winner"

so did GOP get 57 percent? in that case Obama is NOT the big winner. Ron Paul would be the primary winner and then we'd need to see a face-off vote between Paul and Obama. and this is on Obama's home turf! Go Ron Go!

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Ron Paul: Top Tier and GOP Frontrunner

Believe it!

Thanks for posting...

It's nice to read some favorable comments. That's one area where the 2012 run is very different than the 2008 run.

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

Good Stuff...

Good Stuff...

Think about it people!

Chicago is the hotbed of dirty politics and many of these students identify with corrupt government as they have lived with it all of their lives.. these students are most likely to identify with Obama. Out of state students more than likely went with Dr. Paul.IMHO.


Both Democratic Party and GOP are corrupt in Illinois

Our last Democratic governor and our last Republican governor are both convicts. Both parties are rotten and filled with people who work for something called "the Combine" rather than the people of the state.

And it's not just Chicago politics that's the problem. A big Springfield Republican political fixer (the guy made millions upon millions through state contracts on road-building, state property leases, government-funded hotel projects and a casino license over the course of 30 years), Bill Cellini, just got convicted on an attempted bribery related to pension business.

Meanwhile both Democrats and Republicans in this state just approved a huge new breaks for ComEd to jack up rates for consumers and are scrambling to give huge special tax breaks to CME Group and Sears after they passed tax increases for everyone else at the start of the year.

So the people of Illinois, with no good choice from an economic/corruption aspect but who are more liberal/moderate than conservative on the social issues, wind up pulling Democrat most every election while the national Republican party jams moral sanctimony down everyone's throat.

Because Ron Paul doesn't do that it's no surprise he'd be the most popular GOP candidate among the college students. BTW, Illinois State has barely any out-of-state students. So all these are people who should be getting registered by the campaign for the Illinois primary to vote for Ron Paul. It doesn't matter if they voted Democrat in the past. They can just show up on primary day and ask for a Republican ballot and vote for Paul.

That is a good sign

35% rocks

Kinda disappointed that it's

Kinda disappointed that it's only 35%. It's not the impression I've got from his visits to Universities where he consistently packs auditoriums.

It's a survey

So this wasn't a typical 'bum rush' the straw poll by Paul supporters. This was a random sample. In that regard, 35% is awesome. 1 out of every 3 college Republicans picked Ron Paul.

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Statewide Obama polls between 46-51% as compared to 2008 which ended up to be 63%

Thanks for posting