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Cain's Iowa Fund- They have a ticker up

His facebook post

I am pleased to report that Day One of our Iowa Fund initiative is going extremely well! With less than an hour to go, we have exceeded $255,000 in donations. At this rate, we will shatter our goal of $999,000 BEFORE the 11/9 deadline! Online and grassroots support is critical to our success...and you're all doing a GREAT job! Thank you so much for donating and sharing this link with your friends!


Whatever they raise we must beat 11/11.

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I get the sense that he is

I get the sense that he is directly competing with Ron Paul. Because he is a "business" man, his marketing strategies will reflect his "business" practices. I question the veracity of his campaign's advertising. The man's integrity is suspect. How he "solves problems" including those "problems" that affect his campaign success or failure is also suspect.

link to the facebook site?