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I'm getting the sense that Newt is next .

I'm getting the sense that Newt is the next guy in line that the media is propping up. Herman Cain's downfall is starting now, and I'm starting to hear a lot of media folks make special remarks of how Newt is beginning to surge in the polls. At this rate they're going to run out of people to prop up.

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Appears the MSM has gotten

Appears the MSM has gotten their marching orders.

You're absolutely right

As Cain falls, Newt is rising. Then Newt will fall once his personal and political record come under the spotlight. I really think in late Nov/Dec time frame it's going to come down to Paul and Romney with Newt/Cain/Perry mostly discredited.

I am posting this video

everywhere to help with people who forgot who Newt it.



We need to figure out how to jump the transition cycle.

Every time RP is in third and gets in striking distance of 2nd they elevate another pseudo candidate.

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I agree... and welcome it.

Ron Paul is rock steady, let the others rise & fall. Romney will be tough to knock down, though. Any dirt on him has already been aired in the last election. Everybody knows his negatives already and he still has a large following.

That's what money and good looks get you. Sheep want an attractive shepherd to lead them, not a smart one. Too bad they'll get led right off the cliff.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

dont worry, they have several on the sidelines

to come to the rescue. I know Bloomberg says no and others, but never say never. You will not be surprised by the efforts they will make to keep Dr. Paul down.