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Fed is the 1% Flier Facts (History, Actions, Monetary)

Ok, so I will be creating a flier. I've already designed the visuals, and I like it soooo much better than my original design (http://www.dailypaul.com/185734). The new design is more professional and I can't wait to show everybody. However, first I wanted to get ideas for the text of the flier. It will be divided into 3 sections:

• History of the Fed
• Basic facts about the Fed and monetary policy
• Things people can do about it (obviously, support Ron Paul is in here)

I have been granted permission to reproduce material from theeconomiccollapseblog.com for this project, so if you're too lazy, just find the relevant articles there and please share!

I will not be able to log onto DP until Sunday night and not able to do anything with the information you provide until next Tuesday afternoon. However, at that time (hopefully there are a lot of ideas) I will draft the text based upon these submissions and post them for DP to review. After the text has been reviewed by a few good DP users I'll create the final flier.

The aim is to have these distributed at the occupy rallies and other rallies where people are aligned with Paul, but may not know it

Please comment, anything helps!

In Liberty :)

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History of the Federal Reserve

For history of the Fed, it was created by banking interests including Morgan, Rockefeller and a representative of Rothschild.

Basic facts, the Fed creates money out of thin air, that US taxpayers pay them interest on. They are a private institution controlled by banks, only nominally "Federal". They enable the spending of big government. By lowering and raising the price of money (interest rate), they cause bubbles and subsequent crashes. Their monetary policies make it impossible to save money, both by causing inflation, and making it so cheap to borrow money that it entices people/businesses into debt.

Things to do about it: Audit the Fed, so we know who they are bailing out and how much money they have created. Allow competing currencies to force them to stop diluting/destroying/inflating the dollar and allow a choice of sound money. End the Fed and elect Ron Paul, of course.

I'll try to come back and add some sources when I have time.