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What is with the low poll numbers?

I've been watching Ron's poll numbers seem to get lower by almost 10pts. in just a week's time. This falls on the heels of the statement that came out a week ago that talked about the debates to be set with the GOP nominee and Obama. If the third party candidate is not above 15% in national polls and they do not have their name on the ballots in enought states to win the electoral college, then they would be excluded from any national debates. You can smell something already.

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Look who does the polling.

And consider who's getting polled. These polls are super time consuming, and no one but people who are already plugged into the GOP data base as "poll volunteers" are even in the data base. You also have to have a land line, and perhaps no job, due to the lengthy poll structure. They all claim how scientific their polls are, but that's just crap. The bad part is that they can march these polls down to the media and get them splashed everywhere when the results are in their favor. If not, they just do another poll, or throw it in the trash. I'd like to see DRUDGE have an easy online poll, or Rush, or Hannity, or anybody. When the playing field is level, Ron Paul wins them all!

alan laney