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Ron Paul Needs Votes on this NeoCon Poll

VOTE! :)


Cut and paste into URL address bar and replace xx with tt.

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as of

Thank you for voting!

Mitt Romney 3.63% (17 votes)

Rick Perry 1.07% (5 votes)

Herman Cain 5.56% (26 votes)

Newt Gingrich 7.05% (33 votes)

Ron Paul 78.85% (369 votes)

Michele Bachmann 0.85% (4 votes)

Rick Santorum 0.43% (2 votes)

Gary Johnson 1.07% (5 votes)

John Huntsman 1.5% (7 votes)

Total Votes: 468

Ron Now Clobbering

with over 78% of the vote.

No, he doesn't

He doesn't need them. You're posting a blind link to an unknown (and I can almost guarantee, irrelevant) poll.

We have better things to do than give ad revenue to people running neo con websites.

Please be more productive in your activism.

One Mind at a Time

Minds are changed one at a time. Leaving a comment of why you support Dr. Paul, providing it is kind and informative, makes an impact. It's more productive than playing minesweeper, anyway.

As of 5:02PM EST :^)

Mitt Romney 3.78% (13 votes)

Rick Perry 1.45% (5 votes)

Herman Cain 6.4% (22 votes)

Newt Gingrich 7.56% (26 votes)

Ron Paul 76.45% (263 votes)

Michele Bachmann 1.16% (4 votes)

Rick Santorum 0.58% (2 votes)

Gary Johnson 1.16% (4 votes)

John Huntsman 1.45% (5 votes)

Total Votes: 344

Got another poll to play:


copy and paste the tt in as before. Herman Cain is currently winning.

As of 5:04PM EST :^)

Who do you support for President in 2012?
Selection Votes
Barack Obama 0% 0
Herman Cain 29% 13
Mitt Romney 0% 0
Rick Perry 2% 1
John Huntsman 0% 0
Michelle Bachman 2% 1
Newt Gingrich 7% 3
Rick Santorum 0% 0
Ron Paul 60% 27

45 votes total


Ron is currently one vote ahead

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

1:47p PST: 26 votes total

Who do you support for President in 2012?
Selection Votes
Barack Obama 0% 0
Herman Cain 50% 13
Mitt Romney 0% 0
Rick Perry 4% 1
John Huntsman 0% 0
Michelle Bachman 4% 1
Newt Gingrich 12% 3
Rick Santorum 0% 0
Ron Paul 31% 8

26 votes total

Voted in both.

In the one above, we're losing by half.

You know what to do!

Vote AND comment! Here was mine...

I would LOVE to see a Paul/Obama debate! Given the "economy" is the #1 issue on the minds of the American people, Ron would BURY the President in such a debate given both his fiscal acumen as well as his command of historical precedent(s). And what better candidate to challenge a "Constitutional Law" attorney, than the current "Champion of the Constitution" who has for almost 30 years used the Constitution as his sole measuring rod for voting in Congress.

Mitt would have no ground to stand on, too much flip-flopping and "Romneycare" to answer for;
Rick P. has already shown he simply cannot "debate" no matter "who" he is up against; Cain speaks in sound bites and symbolism with no real substance; the rest (while I think are good people) are still by all polls and fundraising, simply "the rest".

Ron has the young vote behind him, the energy, the fundraising and both the character and consistency to stand up to the current President and debate on any issue of choice -- period. I'd pay concert-ticking-prices to watch "this" debate!

Matthew 20:16 "So the last will be first..."


RON Paul Still Leading With 51 Votes.

Total votes was 88.



Out of 58 votes cast thus far, these are the results:
Mitt Romney 3.45% (2 votes)
Rick Perry 3.45% (2 votes)
Herman Cain 10.34% (6 votes)
Newt Gingrich 22.41% (13 votes)
Ron Paul 50% (29 votes) *****
Michele Bachmann 3.45% (2 votes)
Rick Santorum 0% (0 votes)
Gary Johnson 3.45% (2 votes)
John Huntsman 3.45% (2 votes)

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