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"Good Little Debt Slaves"


the above couple have several ideas on how to support Dr. Ron Paul.

I know that we at the dailypaul have several ideas on how to make other people aware. I think this is worth another look at to help motivate us that are working hard for the campaign. If you cannot make calls or hand out slim-jims or the business cards for Ron Paul, wear a t-shirt or hat.

Please share your ideas on this forum topic.

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Tomorrow when you donate remember to also order

the Ron Paul business cards with TAX FREE TIPS on the back and hand out 5 to each waitress or at Starbucks, I have registered 2 Republicans that will vote Ron Paul this way.

I'm surprised Ron isn't mentioning his

Tax Free Tips message anymore. He could have gotten a lot of recognition for that in the Nevada debate. Everywhere, there are thousands and thousands of wait people who rely heavily on tips, and for no other reason, they'd be loyal to Ron Paul. He needs to keep bringing that up.

alan laney

A wait staff told me the other day

that he gets $4.75 per hour taken out of his check. That is huge!! Imagine those poeple putting back that money into their pockets and then back into the economy!!

Pay attention and bring five

we need to all come out of our coma.