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11-04-11 Ron Paul Speech - Iowa Reagan Dinner - Youtube

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He did well...

Ron did do well, especially if you compare all of the other candidates and he drew lots of applause. He hit home on the crisis this nation faces, even compared it to Greece (which I think he should do more of) and he looked strong. I can tell he is working on his presentation, it shows, and I hope he keeps it up. Bachmann and Gingrich mentioned him. Bachmann said Ron was right and propped up her speech with his view. Gingrich mentioned all the candidates present, but opened with Paul and gave him the most flattering praise for knowing monetary policy and understanding the crisis we are in. Good job, Ronnie.


couldn't tell if the reception reaction was mild or positive. This wasn't his best but he drove the message home in the end.

It baffles me that people don't "get it" yet. My God the nation is ready to elect Herman Cain and the real leader is and has been right in front of everyone the whole time. It is crystal clear to me that there is only one person that is qualified. ron paul, obviously.

They were a quiet crowd

Paul got more claps from the crowd than Perry, Bachman, or Santorum got.

The only guy that really got them going was Newt, but only after he started joking about doing some Lincoln-Douglas debates with Obama.

With a group like that

I doubt you can gauge their reactions outwardly. Most of them are probably embarrassed to be "first in line" to support RP in front of their peers. But when they get home and start talking to family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc., that's what's really important, and the only way to gauge it is from various polls, Google trends, straw poll results and the like.

Meh? I thought he was great.

Meh? I thought he was great. He seriously told his points..I mean, as a dinner, I suppose he could have told a joke or something..but he told a Reagan story that I thought was terrific. SUPER SPEECH!!

What the Heck?!

I just discovered that this was on C-Span! What the hell? Why didn't the Campaign tell us it was on C-Span?!! We missed it all!

yeah, at least 3 different threads going on at

the same time...hard to miss.

You did..it was plastered all

You did..it was plastered all over here, with live links and all..:)