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Very Big: Ron Paul + Job Creators Alliance!

Finally! A business organization with real people who have been successful and speak the language of liberty, smaller government and low taxes.

I urge the Daily Paul family to contact the leaders of the Job Creators Alliance and introduce them to Ron Paul. We need their support. And for the most part they are clean and aligned with Ron Paul's objectives.

I worked in management for the Home Depot at one time and I was most impressed with Bernie Marcus, the co-founder. He is alot like Ron Paul. At the age of 84, he just wants to make a difference.

I think this group would be a great partner for the campaign.

Check out their website http://jobcreatorsalliance.org/Default.aspx

I saw Bernie Marcus on Cavuto today and I sent him an email...

I was the first "Homer" for commercial sales in the Berlin, CT Home Depot back in 1991. I saw you on Fox's Cavuto today.
You don't look a day older than you did in 1991. Wow.
Today I am writing because I don't have a business that employs people anymore. It's just ridiculous in this environment. I am a full-time trader.
I want to take my profits from trading and re-invest it into small businesses but I can't get excited about it with all of the taxes and regulations I see coming.
I'm asking you to take a very hard look at Congressman Ron Paul as candidate for president.
He has come out with a very bold tax and spending cut plan. He is also very strong on getting rid of counter productive regulations. And yet the media can only find time to cover the soap opera between candidates.
This country could be in great shape within 12 months if Ron Paul were elected as president. I've known this man for years and he is just the most honest, astute politcian. In fact Bernie he reminds me a lot of you. He's 75 and still bikes 10 miles and jogs two miles a day. Ron Paul had a successful OB-Gyn practice in Texas for 45 years. And he's been in congress for 30 years. He needs some quality business people like yourself who don't have their lobbyists crawling all over Washington looking for handouts and bail-outs. http://www.ronpaul2012.com/
Thank you Bernie.
I wish you many more years of good health and prosperity.

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alliance manager

how would you work this potential alliance w/ rp campaign? i am curious of how they work with new ideas. there are other great groups and ideas to align with as well. for example - deepak chopra recently is starting a movement which i think is going to be phenomenol.

isn't bernie a romney supporter? i think he was after christie to run along w/ henry kissinger and then moved his funding and support over to romney. kissinger is bad, bad news and as bad as soros.


Nice letter..couldn't

Nice letter..couldn't hurt..:)