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Something has to be do about this media black out

I cant stand watching fox anymore , cain this , romney that. then they will have ron on for 20 minutes and rub in the fact "OH WELL LOOK RON PAUL FANS WE ARE NOT BIASED" and then 20 minutes later return to religious following of romney and cain.

Its so rigged it should be illegal , cain would not even be trending if it would not be for the 24 hour cocksucking he gets on fox.

I said it once and i will say it again something needs to be done.

we cant have our elections being decided by biased little shits promoting half retarded canidates who will destroy the country with their rampant stupidity.

short of raiding the building i have no clue what we can do , paul does not have a chance in these primaries , too many uninformed viewers , not enough time to spread rons message.

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Maybe a "Fox News" money-bomb

is in the future.

RP's grassroots supporters

RP's grassroots supporters are fairly well organized, but we need to organize even better. We also need to use the Internet to our advantage more than we do already.

Better organization and more effective use of the Internet is what will propel us towards success, IMO.


They are a private company selling advertising time.

They owe you nothing. Their product is crap, watch something else.

Free includes debt-free!

I know

Just like the banks, I am pulling my money out and taking it to a small credit union, the same needs to be done for these media stations. STOP watching them and start paying more attention to smaller places that is how protest really work in America...Make their business fail.

How to send a message....

The best way to send a message is to email or call the companies who advertise on FOX and tell them that you will not purchase their products or services until Ron Paul is given equal time on the station.

The philosophy of free market system is that every dollar we spend is a vote for something. So lets all put our money toward what we believe in. Whether that means switching soda, coffee or toilet paper.

And don't be so discouraged about Ron Paul not being on tv. Not many thoughtful people watch tv anyways. The internet is what matters. Those talking heads on Fox struggle daily to retain the validity of their commentary, but it's too late. People are waking-up to the fact that they are a sham. The only voters still using tv for information are the 50+ demographic. We HAVE to get the youth vote out!!!


The best way to take action is to get out the vote so Ron Paul gets delegates. Delegates going to the national GOP convention are the only thing that count.

Media Blackout is related to Voting Fraud

The Media Blackout is related to Voting Fraud. The idea is that the less anyone expects Ron Paul to get votes the higher they can turn up the CHEAT-O-METER!


More has to be done about activist exit polls or something. There needs to be some highly organized system for managing the vote fraud. This is urgent.


And because of the media blackout they can avoid any pockets of uncovered voting fraud. So again:

There needs to be some highly organized system for managing the vote fraud. This is urgent.



Your Right ...

We should have a occupy The Media Buildings Movment. Saying we support Ron Paul. We occupy all of them. It'll be fun
Surround them. Make it so they can't ignore us. Signs and all.

We could

dump buckets of pennies in front of media outlets, so that bums begin hanging out in the area.


I think I might try that as my next project.

-quiet engineer

Are You Talking About The Pro Israel Media Outlets?

If The Doctor Was More Neo-Con Flavored, You Could Expect Better Coverage Than What He Has Gotten, Instead all you get is the "AMBUSH" drivel, and stupidity, If RP came out Tomorrow with war talk against our fake enemies then you would see poll numbers like 20-30% This is what happens when you speak the truth as the good Dr. RP does.

Let us try the mock primaries approach...

I have posted elsewhere on the Daily Paul.

Stossel and the Judge

could do something to expose them. But, they would lose their jobs and then the only place to receive truthful news would be gone.

"He did not come into the world to condemn it, but to save it." - John 3:17

"Well, you know it's like I always say 'it ain't government work if you don't have to do it twice.'" - Jerry Gergich

There's always:

Free to Air

Find RT and much more on free to air satellite. Sadoun sells good systems. Talked to them about putting together a Ron Paul package and they were receptive to the idea. Eventually, folks will get a clue and stop sending their money to the bank controlled media.

RT is here, if you already have a FTA system

Galaxy 19 97° W 12,152 MHz H 20,000 Msyb/s 3/4

Thanks. I live in the DC

Thanks. I live in the DC broadcast area, so I get RT on Mhz4, which is 30.4 digital broadcast over the airwaves.

Freedom Wins!

it's not the talking heads

The producers at fox are the ones that put forward the talking points.
In the video below you'll see how talking points are pushed onto the news. I don't think sending emails to the producers, asking for more Ron paul coverage would work. Would posing as Cain, Romney supporters and send nasty emails. Im going to edit that bit out tomorrow.

Media Reacts To Conan's Same-Sex Wedding News

Everyone needs to watch that

Everyone needs to watch that video. It reminds me of when Paul tied the Ames Straw Poll and we had a "new top tier"

"The economy's not a class you can master in college. To think otherwise is the pretense of knowledge."


yeah the "we have a new top tier" is a perfect example.
in the first 30 seconds they mention the producers set the topics. a 23 year old producer.

Ron Paul on MSNBC 11/03/11

Force another vote on auditing the Fed.

THAT would reveal how the bankers are manipulating this election cycle.

thx for posting

great posting, i am glad you did it. yes, i am concerned as well and have made comments on building a media strategy.

are you planning on taking this to rp?

i have seen other postings where individuals express frustration at this well and i can sense the frustration so many have.

not sure how rp campaign works with its volunteers. perhaps some conference call with supporters to discuss and find out what others have done and what works and what does not.

perhaps one seasoned media specialist to come into rp's campaign that has experience with this and is very aggressive and does not take no for an answer and is articulate would be good to have working for rp. i assume there is room in the budget for this type of position.

there are high profile supporters like peter schiff. it would be good if rp didn't have to face such a spiteful press with gotcha questions or if rp had advisors to prep him for such questions and offer feedback after debates and interviews on how to garner more votes or what worked for voters and what didn't work for voters and how to use different wording and structure of his answers.

a business writer would be an invaluable addition. i don't think they cost much. there was one who came in to give a seminar at a co i worked for and offered feedback on people's emails and other communications and was quick at helping people structure their thoughts in communications.

i am not sure if rp has a business writer to critique his articles and other communications. i would put this as #1 in terms of alleviating media blackout.


Can the writer of this post please edit Headline

to say "done" and not "do"? I don't usually correct spelling ( in fact Never) but this headline is really bothering me a lot !


oh come on...

...Ron Paul does NOT need a ghost-writer!! That is for mah-rooonz like Cain't, Orally, Palin, and pArry.