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Gingrich and Cain Debating Tomarrow Night?

Huh? I just barely caught Newt talking about him and Cain debating somewhere, I think Texas, tomorrow night. What's that about?

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tickets $$$$$$

200, 500, 1000 just to see it. Cain will get smashed, gingrich played cain lol.


That's a strange turn of

That's a strange turn of events for Cain. At any other time, he'd run in the other direction trying to avoid questions.

Here's the debate so I'll

Here's the debate so I'll save you some time watching ...

Newt = "I left my dying wife for a young hottie and I wouldn't even pay the medical bills without her lawsuit."

Cain = (Say anything stooopid ... which is usually anything and everything) "I mispoke because I didn't understand."

The End

I think the debate is over

I think the debate is over who's had the most ladies

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Gingrinch is a well spoken con-man...

he'll have babbling Cain for finger food. On the other hand Ron could have both of them for scraps.

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Right in Dr. Paul's NEIGHBORHOOD!!

What Ron Paul ought to do is show up and say "hey guys, you got a third podium??"

tomorrow night

in houston @the woodlands pavillion i think. trying to sell more books i suppose.

I'm not surprised

I havent heard this ridiculous news. "What's that about?" That's called the establishment doing everything they can to suppress RP. I am sure each candidate was chosen solely for the purposes of beating Ron. It's up to us to get the word out. It sure is hard educating people but we can't get discouraged. Ron has been doing it for over thirty years and hasn't given up yet. RP would tear apart any of the candidates if given the chance, I wish we could see him one on one or at least see decent debates. As far as the Cain-Gingrich thing, if it is true, I would bet its scripted. Ron Paul 2012!! Remember Veteran's Day Moneybomb 11/11/11

no there is no conspiracy here

Gingrich asked or has been asking to debate someone. cain for whatever reason accepted. I would like to know if everyone thinks if RP should do this as he would have all the time to explain his view and give a nice history lesson to back up his stance.

Danger Will Robinson, LOL

They have been beating up on Cain like crazy, now to send out their hit man Gingrich. This is not going to be pretty for Cain.

Nothing to gain for Cain

After it's over, Herman will feel like one of Newt's ex-wives, less the alimony.