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Got my Ron Paul super brochures today from ronpaulproducts.com

and holy shit everyone needs these, the campaign needs to get tied in with RPP and get mass amounts of these things, they are like a Ron Paul swiss army knife.

I bought a thousand and I know 90% of the first production have already been sold, get yours NOW!


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I'm sorry the best way to buy is by the thousand.

I have no affiliation in any way with the people who put the flier together other than when I found out what they were doing I ordered a thousand.

I'm sorry for trying to help you.

These things are amazing.

Media mail

is REALLY cheap. They shouldn't be gouging on the shpg.

I will buy some from you. I

I will buy some from you. I only wanted 50 and the shipping was half again the cost (they wanted $8.99) so I declined. Especially because they could have shipped double that in a $4.99 box from the post office (maybe triple) and it just made me mad.