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Latest Obama mortgage relief

Well I just heard about this a few days ago. And already my bank is calling me trying to try and get me to refinance and telling me I qualify. And get this. I don't have to show proof of income.

Now, I'm wondering though, if this is supposed to be helping those that can't afford to pay because of the real state bust, why they are calling me? I can afford my mortgage, my interest rate was common at the time, and the house hasn't really lost much in value. Not to mention its a rental home. So another case of the gov't at work giving loans to anyone to try and fix the problem that resulted from giving loans to anyone.

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me too

I got a letter too. I believe it is called the "making home affordable (MHA)" program.
Like mchicago though I too am in the middle of discovery with Chase.. Had a wamu mortgage that transferred. My Attorney said they are getting scared and want to trick me into settling on something besides eradication.
Time will tell

Actually, they never attempted to respond to discovery request.

Ask your atty to draw FDIC into it, or FNMA or other Gov agencies as part of the case.. If you will need to I can get my case number and atty info. He is open to coop with other atty's.

What was the name of the program? Do you remember?

I can add some info on my case.
After 4 yrs in court, Chase wants to voluntary dismiss foreclosure case against me, on condition that I will withdraw my Affirmative Defences (counterclaim), among others, of fraud.
They dont want to defend themself. Think about all the document discovery, all the depositions they have to bring into the case. I presume partially because my atty drawn FDIC into the case, because FDIC was part of the deal when Chase bought WaMu.
We can fight them in the court, too.