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Prof. Sarbin: The Fed Reserve destroys money. Silent about Ron Paul.

Professor Murray Sabrin admits media is silent about Ron Paul because of the Federal Reserve. circa 2008. 7 minute film answering question about why Ron Paul is shunned by those using the power of the printing press for nefarious purposes... The Fed Reserve.

2008 Campaign question: "My concern is with the fall of the dollar. What is Ron Paul's plan for bringing back the dollar? ..."

Professor Sarbin answers questions about why it is so important to support Ron Paul. Answers are simple, clear, supportive of Ron Paul, and historically accurate. Ron Paul is the only candidate that is telling how the Fed destroys unconstitutional paper-money. He states how the Fed dollar value has lost lost about 95% of its purchasing power since its inception in 1913. US Postage Stamps were 3¢ 5 decades ago. Statements re-enforce how accurate Ron Paul's prophetic message has been over the decades.

Closing statement: "The Federal Reserve destroys [paper] money. Do you know that that means?"