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Ron Paul Daily Digest 11/04/11

Ron Paul related news of the day 11/04/11....

(+) Can be positive or fair coverage
(o) Neither good nor bad
(-) Can be negative or bias coverage or omission

Please let me know of my ratings are off. I'm just organizing information for easy access.

+ Ron Paul Campaign Statement on October 2011 Unemployment
+ Ron Paul Opens Campaign Office in Bachmann's District
+ Prepping for Ron Paul: SCSU students tout presidential candidate
+ Every Thursday evening, Blue Water Natural Foods transforms into a Ron Paul meeting room.
+ Obama, Paul big winners in ISU straw poll
+ Ron Paul Rocks!
+ PAUL: One year to go
+ Federal Govt Should Not Decide if Kids Need Mental Health Screening
+ A refreshing change of ideas
+ Newsom, Johnson Drug Conference: Is Legalization The Answer To The War On Drugs? (POLL)
+ Goodbye to conservatism
+ No Party for Smart Men
+ Ron Paul lays out ambitious agenda to shrink government
+ Stupid Mark Levin quote of the day
+ Turnabout Is Fair Play

o Kass: Let's blame Ron Paul for Herman Cain's woes
o What the GOP candidates' tax plans leave out
o GOP candidates pitched jobs and economic plans before manufacturers
o Candidates might not campaign much in Nevada before caucus
o GOP candidates to debate in Daytona at weekend Tea Party convention?
o GOP contenders must unite
o Forty House Republicans sign letter encouraging Super Committee to consider new revenues
o Few top Republicans coming to Florida Tea Party Convention
o Republicans hit Obama after jobs report

-- Live from the 2011 NFRA Convention
- Could Ron Paul Wind Up Running as an Independent in 2012?
- Presidential Candidate Ron Paul will Speak in St. Cloud Tomorrow
- Mayor Bloomberg Denounces GOP Presidential Candidates Views On Climate Change, Evolution

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