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Am I reading to much into this? I'm sure I am.

I read in an article today that Jesse Benton, was quoted saying that Dr. Paul would be Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. A few things struck me as odd.

1) Jesse Benton was quoted saying that "We hope to make some news".

2) Ron Paul was recently on Fox News Sunday, and Fox news has not traditionally been friendly to Dr. Paul's campaign.

So my mind started running wild. Why are they having him on again so soon? Is he really going to break some new "news"? Let's be honest with ourselves, him talking about the FED, will not be huge news. Does fox news know what it may be? Of course it may be nothing, and him being on again may be just on par with all the other candidates.

But what if it was real news? What could it be? What if he was going to announce his running mate? What if it was someone that would force the republican establishment to listen to him? What if it was someone that he campaigned for in 2008 and 2010? What if it was a current candidate for the presidency? What if it was someone that would gain him huge support with the female voter? What if it was Michele Bachmann?

Let's assume I'm crazy, I'm sure I am. Who would be a running mate that would help him garner more support with the mainstream republican party? Let's face it fellow supporters. At some point he has to start making progress with the mainstream republicans.

Trust me, Jesse Ventura ain't going to do it!

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Here is the original article.


"We're continuing to campaign hard and steady," says Jesse Benton, Paul's national campaign chairman. "We continue to lock in votes, we continue to strengthen our organization, and hopefully we'll make some news on Fox."

Candidates cannot announce running mates

before they get the R nomination.

what article?

pls reference it.

Running mate talk is nonsense right now.

Why would you want to saddle yourself with someone else's baggage trying to get the nomination.

NO candidate EVER talks about a running mate this early.

That's just absurd.

It defies common sense to even discuss it.

it could be or not

If I was running Id want to build up some mystery and announce that Im going to announce a running mate. OR Don't do the build up to prevent other candidates stealing the limelight with a political stunt or gaff.

So, I think he is going to announce. it will be the right time! and having a running mate will half the places he needs to be. Ron Paul is older now and he did just catch a cold, possibly from being worn out.

who will it be? Peter Schiff anyone

The IAEA report will come out soon

I think that's what Benton is referring to. Everybody expects that it'll be negative towards Iran and that Obama will use it to try to go to war against them.

Bachmann would help RP win Iowa

she was born there.

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