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Let us stage mock primaries.

This will screw the pollsters, the MSM and the crooks who run the elections in each state. Let us set up a website that emulates an actual primary. Voters would be required to provide the same proof they are required to provide at a polling place. We advertise at every major news site. When Ron Paul gets, say 100,000 votes in New Hampshire (more than John McCain in 2008), the state election commission will be hard pressed to explain why he gets, say, 15,000 on election day. This would be money well spent.

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think it sounds like an interesting idea, but there are people who don't go online who will be voting for Ron Paul. Those numbers would not be reflected. Is the dollar amount needed easily achievable? The biggest concern I have is just who would be monitoring the site??

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The primary purpose of this website is to prevent...

voter fraud and the deception by the MSM and the pollsters. I'm sure volunteers could set up an Internet cafe and assist voters who wish to participate. Anyone who won't go to the trouble to vote under these circumstances is unlikely to show up at the polls, especially during the winter. In any event, this would be far more accurate than any of the "scientific" polls conducted by Rasmussen, Gallup, Harris, CNN/New York Times or ABC NEWS/Washington Post and a bonded webmaster could ensure at least as much honesty as we get with the present primary system.

Since your mock primary

Since your mock primary wouldn't elect any delegates why would anyone bother to vote? Wouldn't this be just another meaningless online poll?

My gosh, what negativity!

Online polls can be gamed much easier. I'm talking about having the same requirements as voting in a state-sanctioned primary. I'm talking about an honest vote, which is more than Ron Paul got in New Hampshire, Nevada and Washington in 2008.

All I keep hearing here at the DAILY PAUL is dreadful whining about the media and the pollsters. When I suggest a method to deal with it, all I get is naysaying. People spend HOURS out here with their whining and naysaying. Tell me what you CAN do for Ron Paul, not what you don't want to do.

BTW, this delegate thing went no where in 2008. Yes, it is important; but even our MSM supporters such as John Stossel, Judge Napolitano and Democratic strategist Juan Williams are talking as if Ron Paul winning the nomination is extremely unlikely. Sit on your butts and whine and the elites win again.