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The Most Motivated Campaign Troops Will Win The Republican Nomination

Boots on the ground...hitting the pavement, enduring the harsh weather, going to and through extremes to do whatever it takes to vote for our candidate - Ron Paul.

Without question we are an extremely motivated bunch motivated by extreme circumstances. We know what's going on...we know that the stakes are higher than they have ever been before.

Ron Paul voters are passionate, and most importantly - MOTIVATED to vote.

In order for someone to vote, they first have to be motivated to do so.

Come January 3rd, The Motivation Factor will be a gigantic driving force behind our success in Iowa.

Snow storm? Good. Rain and 50 mph winds? Good.

Regardless of how the weather will be, Ron Paul is going to win in Iowa because his troops are motivated to vote for the one candidate who can save America, and the world.

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Win The War By First Winning Small Battles!!

Fight, join, meetup, call, sign-up, finance, yard signs, get the message out, stop the doubters, calm the confusion, let's do whatever it takes (one step @ a time) to win in this r3volution!!!