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Koch and Cato vs Rothbard and the Mises Institute.

These articles explain the history and connections we have to CATO, Lew Rockwell, Matt Welch, and many others.

There is a reason why we call Reason Magazine Treason Magazine.


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Ideological Struggles-Scratch the Label "libertarianism"

Well, I am not advocating dropping the label, only realizing it for what it is...a label that means different things to different folks.


I spent a lot of time trying to understand the history of the Libertarian movement, Rothbard, Mises, CATO, "Reason" Magazine, the Koch Brothers and the Kochtopus. Interesting side journey. One can study it from the perspective of the personalities involved, the philosophies espoused including Ayn Rand pros and cons, the big money influences and many other angles. I certainly don't fully understand it.

My earliest connection, from my youth, was reading Ayn Rand and having my rafters shaken as I was presented for the first time with new philosophies. I wasn't totally comfortable as "selfishness" was a characteristic I wasn't comfortable with. That led to thinking about individualism and individual rights. Mainly I just loved the stories and the fact that they made me think.

At the same time I was even more impacted by Taylor Caldwell's incredible novels with all kinds of hidden warnings:
http://davegj13.wordpress.com/tag/taylor-caldwell/ I plan to go back and read again all of her novels with a new perspective as she described in novel form much of our descent and from a historical perspective.

So back to should we just drop the label "libertarianism" because it certainly is moving farther away from anything Rothbard? I don't worship Rothbard any more than I worship Ron Paul. I at my age am merely trying to take from everything what resonates...what makes sense...in order to better understand what is happening now and how to combat it.

"Libertarianism" is nothing more than a label and all labels are catch-alls as the ideologies contained shift and change due to the struggles between those who hang the "label" around their necks. Hyjacked? Laughing, a few weeks ago I might have said that, yes, it appeared that money bought the label for money's own purposes. Why? Because it could and, yet, LP, CATO, Mises are just the sum total of histories and the ideologies of the people involved.

Ideological struggles. Perhaps I once made things too complicated.
PS. Resolved: I do not worship labels...they don't stay in the same place.


Any Thoughts on Labels and Taylor Caldwell?

...on "labels" And did anyone else read Taylor Caldwell way back and realize they were impacted by some of her thoughts?