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ABC 20/20 On Congressional Pensions

I was watching 20/20 by accident tonight and there is this 84 year old Congressman who refused to sign up for the Congressional pension plan, that has been crusading for curbing these extravigant Congressional pension plans. He claimed to have introduced dozens of bills to deal with this and says nobody has ever voted for his bills. Right away I thought this must be a lie because Ron Paul surely would have supported these bills. I thought Ron Paul refused this plan as well.
I'd like to hear from Dr Paul about if he did or did not support these bills, and why. Is this just more censorship of Dr Paul by the media?

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Ron Has talked about THE other guy.

I remember when asked once if he was the only one not taking the pension, he said one other congressman (Howard Coble) was the only other one he knew of.
I don't remember ever seeing a vote on this. Unlikely that it ever came before the entire House for an up or down vote.


Sad that they're doing this without John Stossel.

I imagine that (it hasn't aired on West Coast, yet) that either this was a Senator, and therefore a bill before the other house, or that this congressman exaggerated by saying "no one" when he meant "very few." Or else, there was something bad in the bill.

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I remember this subject from a couple years ago.

Geraldine Ferraro was asked about her very sumptuous pension & she got really hot under the collar, adjusted the crown on her head & pretty much said it was nobodies' damn business.

They cornered a couple of

They cornered a couple of guys on the committee that keep killing the guys bills and the chairman was particularly annoyed. I didn't pay that close attention but I'm fairly certain it was a Congressman from Alabama, and the reporter asked him twice if anyone else sponsored his bills and his answer was zero/none.

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