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Ron Paul staying out of race to replace him in Congress, not encouraging sons to run

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And I was confident that Debra Medina was

going to step up to the plate and succeed Ron Paul. Hmmm, I guess not. But there's still time. Medina would easily win over the newly drawn district but only if she lives in this newly drawn up district!

I imagine the reason is if he

I imagine the reason is if he loses this election, the government by then wouldn't be worth saving.

I'm worried in light of this subterfuge from Tea Party "Patriots

The same people pushing Cain are pushing this woman who claims to be RP's successor in his district.


Beware of this Felicia Harris. She is NOT a constitutionalist. She is backed by the fake Tea Party Patriots (RNC consultants) who are backed by Foster Frieze and the Koch Brothers who want a constitutional convention and to rewrite the US constitution.

write in Ron Paul

if hes not president. Lisa Merkowski did it in AK

R3ovlUTION charles walker 8322474577