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Ron Paul on Fox News Sunday, 11-6-11

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The WHOLE POINT of the CHRIS interview

....was the LAST question. Will you run 3rd party. These elitist snobs, for all the pomp & circumstance & downright ARROGANCE that they exude, for all the "control" over our politicians & the Media, well, doesn't it just go to show you how INSANELY INSECURE these people really are?

I mean....really.

I'm beginning to wonder if they aren't just downright FEARFUL that he WOULD win a nationwide election against BOTH the Republicans AND Obummer. Hmmm. Sure makes one wonder.

And, the RELIEF.......on Chris Wallace's face......are you kidding me? Wow, it's as if he felt inwardly happy. I mean, do these people think we can't see through them? Maybe he's hoping he won't have to ask THAT question again, and I know I sure hope they don't. It's not really fair, anyway. They never ask Michelle or Santorum or Huntsman or Gingrich that question.

They only ask Dr. Paul that

They only ask Dr. Paul that question because they know he is the only candidate with courage and conviction. The other candidates place party over principle and everybody knows it. In a way, it is a compliment for them to ask him that question.

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the reason they ask..

if Ron ran 3rd party, the Republicans know they would lose the election.

He should say, "If you give me equal coverage...I won't. Deal?"

A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges. - Ben Franklin

he should ask them back

why is this question asked to him only, or will this question be asked to other candidates too ?

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

tough to complain about lack of coverage

tough to complain about lack of coverage when he's being interviewed on tv... this would come off to most people as a complainer so not the best way to go especially after the "40 minutes without talking" BS

btw if they start to bring up the old Ron Paul newsletters again (which they must be saving for a rainy day) they need to be compared to blogs and websites, such as this one in which people could post any kind of topic they wanted but it doesn't mean it's from Ron Paul even though a site might be called "Daily Paul"



did RP look and sound great

His new way of phrasing his 3rd party situation "I don't want to"


I really thought he looked SHARP....his tie was awesome, and his hair looked good.

Kudos to the campaign handler staff!

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No weaknesses with Wallace.

Ron Paul could not have been sharper or clearer.