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What frustrates me is that the stellar grass-roots support that Dr. Paul's campaign receives does not seem to be matched by the campaign's strategy. That is not to say anything negative about the good Dr. in any way, only that my observations of the way the campaign is run (from way outside mind you) leave me wondering if they are able to think as tacticians instead of firemen.

We all can recall the heady Nov 7th bomb last season and I think that we all wish for a day like that again. Since that day, there have been other successful money-bombs that have added substantially to the campaign's bank account, and I am certain that the campaign is exceedingly grateful for all of that support.

What bothers me though is that while the campaign is happy to accept and use the $, it does not seem to have figured out a solid strategy to maximize on the grass-root's ability to fund-raise. I commented in the "Black This Out" post that the campaign always seems to have a "Wow! Look at all this money! Now what do we do with it" kind of reaction. It just appears that they have not yet figured out how to harness the strength of the loyal Ron Paul supporters to ensure a steady stream of donations.

As I've been thinking over this conundrum, the thought occurs to me that the problem may simply be that the campaign strategists don't really have a plan that provides a clear understanding of their needed cash-flow. While I hate to think that way about anyone associated with Dr. Paul, I see no alternative explanation. The campaign touts an $8,000,000 quarter while Romney raises 30 million. Does the RP staff think $8M can compete against $30M in Ad buys? It's wishful thinking at best.

I would start with a series of questions for the campaign.
What is the strategy for WINNING?
Do you need to run ads in ever contestable state?
How many ads do you need to run?
How many ads per day/week/month are necessary to embed Dr. Paul into people's mind?

Let's say that the answers to all of those questions helped create a strategy of buying 7-8 Million dollars worth of ads per month. Develop the strategy and tell the grass-roots how much it will cost.

I have no doubt that RP supporters can find creative and wonderful ways to raise 8-10Million dollars per month. It is certainly conceivable that 100,000 supporters (the same number of unique donors last quarter) could pledge $100/month and raise $10 Million every single month until they max out or the campaign is victorious. It is entirely in the realm of possibility for that to happen. However, there is no incentive for this because the campaign does not say to the community:

"Hey guys we have a plan, the plan will cost 10 Million per month, can you help us out?"

I have already contacted someone in the NH campaign about this idea and hopefully he will be able to champion the cause through that chain, but I thought that posting to the forum might generate some comments and perhaps could catch the eye of someone at the campaign headquarters.

I encourage debate of this idea. Especially if it can be refined and turned into a strategy for success. Never let it be said that I didn't do everything in my power to put the RIGHT man in office.


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