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What is going on with the Daily Paul?

It has been unstable and virtually unusable for me for days, ever since the scheduled maintenance.

I am constantly getting messages the the site is down and will be back in an hour or less. Refreshing several times does nothing, but if I put in the home url I get the site to load again and I may or may not be able to read a thread.

This has gone on for days now and I am wondering if others are experiencing this, are the admins aware, and what is the solution.

I rely on this site as much, if not more, than other sites to keep up with the news as well as all things Ron Paul.

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User Tip:

I've noticed that the chat feature of DP seriously bogs down my computer. I tend to open lots of tabs when I'm browsing, and the chat feature seems to take up tons of RAM. So here's how I solved the problem:

First, you can disable the chat feature, but this doesn't completely stop it from being downloaded.

In Firefox or Google Chrome, you can use the Adblock Plus extension. Then, add envolve.com to the blacklist. This has made the site MUCH more responsive for me overall.

BTW, so far, Adblock doesn't block the ads listed on the right side of DP, so I'm not aware of it having any negative impact on the site's finances.

Freedom Wins!

Daily Paul is a snapshot of the 'free-market'...

What is happening here is what would happen to America if the government stayed out of our business. Ron talks about this when addressing immigration - he says that we'd be looking for people to come into work.

DP is experiencing the wave phenomena. Those who are commenting just happen to be on the beach. This has been coming for some time (I've watched it four years). Many of us see the wave, and it looks like what many saw when that huge tsunami hit a few years ago, or when the quake hit. It's really hard to gauge - but with social media and the impact it has today, it could be way bigger than anyone anticipates.

The traffic on DP is indicative that something really big is in the works. I'm glad to see you're having these problems Michael - in a very sympathetic way.

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slow to load at first. real slow.

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There are a lot of factors, and it is a headache for me

When there are problems with this site, I start to feel like the Rain Man:


Which is to say, it is very frustrating.

I know that the site has been very slow recently. This is a result of the huge traffic that the site is getting recently. We're serving over 100,000 pages most days now. That is 3 million page views per month.

If this were just a regular static site, that kind of volume wouldn't be a problem. But the content on this site is constantly changing. There are 30 or more new posts each day, and new comments every few seconds. This means that the computer that the site is on has to keep updating the site: Writing comments to the database, so that it can pull them up and serve them seconds later to someone who shows up.

At any given time, there are a couple hundred users on the site, writing comments, voting, etc. The more users who are logged in, the slower the site is because those users see the changes in real time. The site serves cached pages to users who aren't logged in. Still, at peak times, the the site is serving 5,000 pages per hour. It is a lot of work.

All of that work takes place on two servers that are donated by NCMarc from his company Falcon internet. One entire server is dedicated to hosting the database, which holds all the posts & comments. That database is over 2.3 gigs! The problem is not the servers themselves. They are top of the line machines, and are hardly being taxed. Which leads us to look at the software:

The Daily Paul runs on an Open Source platform called Drupal. Drupal is incredibly powerful software, and powers a lot of sites. The Economist.com is one of the most famous. The Whitehouse site also runs on Drupal. It is great software, but notoriously, does not scale well. It does not, out of the box, use hardware resources well. It runs fine if you've got a blog that a few dozen, or even hudred people visit a day. But when you get to the size of a site like this, it starts to hit a lot of bottlenecks.

If you're the Economist, or the Whitehouse, you can hire top programmers to take care of things for you. Unfortunately, I'm working on much more limited resources.

We have done a lot of work here to squeeze as much performance as possible, but we're reaching some limits. This weekend was another attempt at that, which (obviously) didn't work.

As to the problems you've mentioned, I haven't seen them on my end. I know that the site was down for much of the weekend, but since Marc got it back running on Sunday night, I haven't seen it go down again. Slow, yes, but not out.

In the mean time, I'll be talking with one of the dedicated Drupal platform hosts this week, and it seems likely we'll have to move in order to meet the demands. I anticipate that traffic is only going to increase into the election.

Hope that answers your question, and if you're frustrated, please know that I share that frustration (see video above).



For the heads up Michael. I guess it must be somewhat bittersweet knowing too that this means our man Ron is becoming even more popular. Woooot!!

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"


for further attention. I have also noticed that over the last month it takes a long time for the page to load or it fails to connect all together.

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

Me too - I guess Daily Paul needs more paid subscribers

so Michael can host on faster servers. Thanks for whatever you do for us Michael.

Slow to load


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OK here.

Since DP came back Sunday late, my connection has been fine - using a Linux computer with Firefox.


I find Google Chrome much faster and more stable than Explorer

It is still acting flaky for me

The site does not work about 50% of the time for me now.

Next time I will grab a screen shot, but it is basically a blue bar across the top with a message that the site is down for maintenance signed by Michael Nystrom.

Same For Me

I am getting the same thing as you Brent.