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I don't care who you are, this is funny!

You gotta love Ron Paul supporters...


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I'm gonna start putting

I'm gonna start putting bumper stickers on the city buses.

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Please reconsider

If I was a bus driver, I would really dislike whatever name was on some unsolictied sticker, I had to remove. City employees are already shy of Ron Paul fearing they will lose their jobs.

IF you are a Republican, I suggest you volunteer to attend your GOP events with permission to pass the stickers out. Or create your own events and ask your GOP to back you.

Anyways, whether it's private property or public, if you don't have permission to post, please be considerate of those who will have to remove that sticker, for you could create some valid complaint and lose support, or go from not caring about Ron Paul to HATING him and especially his vadals AKA supporters.


I can't zoom in :'(


Cain has been Ron Pauled !

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

His bus...

should be plastered with "Cain't gonna end the FED" stickers, lol

you think thats funny

take a look a bill o'reillys facebook

its covered with ron paul 2012


That is FUNNY!!! Most responses I think he's ever had... so I couldn't dare pass up a chance to chime in ;)

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Made my day!

(a video of when they discovered it would be classic)

Undo what Wilson did


That's priceless.

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I laughed out loud!

that's great - I admire whoever did it.

Herman Can't

Logo looks like: Herman Can't . . . to me.
Interesting twist on Obama's yes we can.

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