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Andrea Tantaros "If Ron does not promise to endorse another GOP candidate, he should be kept out of debates"

Is this woman SERIOUS??? I (personally) don't see how Ron could possibly endorse another candidate. A man as philosophically consistent as Dr. Paul could NEVER endorse any one of the other GOP candidates who: believe that the Federal Reserve should not be audited, forced vaccines on little girls, want to impose their morality upon society, want to continue our nation building foreign policy, offer no real solution to the Federal deficit or debt, etc. Every other candidate in the field holds a view directly contradictory to that of Dr. Paul, and Tantaros expects him to ENDORSE one of these awful candidates. SHE IS INSANE. The article, with a link to the video is here. FOX has a bad habit of really pissing me off sometimes...

Article with video:

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I actually think this is a GOOD sign.... We should Bring it up!

We should remind the neoconed rank n file that WE ARE SITTING HOME come election day.

If you think your Romney, Newt, Cain or whatever can win without 5 million plus republican votes, good luck, have at it.

But you might want to ask John McCain if he could have used our republican votes.

We are sitting home. And we will sit home on election day UNTIL YOU REPUBLICANS stop trying to police the world and have our military in 170 countries.

We will sit home on election day until you stop protecting militarily the 3 riches countries on the planet: Germany, Japan, and Korea.

We Ron Paul Republicans can wait, time is on our side. If you kick our dear Doctor Paul out of the debates you will certainly be kicking us out of the Republican Party. Try to win an election without us.

It is YOU dear neoconned republican who has to face up to your non-conservative foriegn policy position. It is you who has to face up to the your Big Spending Foreign Policy ways. It is you who is killing this country with spending and debt. It will be you who hands the presidency back over to Obama for another 4 years.

We are fine where we sit. Its you who is uncomfortable.

Your call neoconned Republicans, what will it be?

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RP came as close as possible

RP came as close as possible to endorsing a candidate for Pres last time: Chuck Baldwin