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TED Talks: The strange tale of the Norden bombsight

This was an interesting video I found on the TED Talks website where Malcolm Gladwell explains the history of the Norden bombsight and its implications. I figured I'd share it with my fellow peaceniks.

Malcolm Gladwell: The strange tale of the Norden bombsight

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Thank you.

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That was worth a watch. Its funny he says our problems are more complex then that, I thought for sure he was going to say more simple, I really think they are more simple just stop hating each other....

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for others.

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Thank you, I like Malcolm Gladwell

and will watch this when I get a chance.

Worth a watch...

It fully supports RP's position of blow-back.


The brief mention of drone strikes and increasing suicide bombers does confirm the idea of blow-back.

Blowback and drone strikes

Blowback and drone strikes were what really made this whole video relevant to our cause, and when I saw it, I just had to post it here.

I think if we can build a bridge between us freedom peace loving types and the academic intellectuals who go to TED, we could be unstoppable.