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True Free Market? Is it THAT good?

I am supporter of Ron Paul. I always try to convince my friends that the man is great and he's got a good message and really knows what he's talking about. But, one question I have that keeps coming up in my mind.

Mr.Paul goes on about letting the free market be and all that. But is it that great? because if we do see all that free market talk , and not let the government intervene come into action,

Couldn't we see the something like the corruption and the crime we saw in the industrial age, and in Boss Tweeds time?

Cause don't we still see it today with Enron, and other companys?

It's just one thing I fear would happen and I'm sure it could possibly happen. Would some one please educate me on how this wouldn't get worse with Ron Paul. I'm sure there is just something I am not seeing.

Thank you.

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