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Fox News: Take Ron Paul Out Of The Debates! - Video

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Notice the date:

Fox News Fascism - Ron Paul Excluded From Debates
December 29, 2007


The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

@AndreaTantaros is the

@AndreaTantaros is the twitter handle of the anchor who's brilliant idea it was to exclude RP from the debates. I just tweeted this to her

@AndreaTantaros Why is not supporting a candidate unless they stand for conservative principals a reason to exclude them from GOP debate?

Please retweet, or send a like message showing your support for Paul. TIA

Conservatives Will Beg Him To Run

If you look at the polls, not even Romney beats Obama head-to-head. I think at some point, the real conservatives of the Republican party will privately beg RP to run as a libertarian. IF he does, he will split the vote so that not even Obama can get sufficient electoral college votes to win. Then the decision will be made by the Republican controlled House of Representatives. Of course, they will support whomever the Republican candidate is. Think about it; I am sure RP has.

i doubt

the mentality of 'we must keep the worst guy out at all cost with the lesser evil that's most likely to win' is stronger than you apparently understand

I don't watch tv just clips

I don't watch tv just clips so i don't see the sponsors. Does anyone know who the advertisers are for this show?

Most revealing about this election

Most revealing about this election is how very few true conservatives there are in the republican party. Most are just economically not viable people who say or do anything for a paycheck from the government, the media or some other hack organization



The tides are changing!

If she hates our nation we should just leave her out of it...

Neocon scumbags hate our nation and want to keep it as a CFR Dictatorship.

The tides are changing!

Insulting RP supporters -

That was below the belt. We're not sheeple & Dr. Paul's supporter base is growing by the hundreds, if not thousands daily, so they're really insulting a lot more Americans than they think they are. Quite the contrary, we're the most intelligent Old-School GOP supporters out there. The other candidates in BOTH parties (ALL actually) wish that they had Ron Paul's supporters. That bloated warthog who said we just sit on the sidelines until Dr. Paul tells us what to do needs to shut-up & go eat himself into a coma.

And as for fugly andrea, she needs to crawl back under her slimy rock. Seen her on Faux before - she's 400lbs. of bullshit in a 10 lb. bag, and she LOVES the sound of her own grating, whiney voice. Be glad she was done after spewing her ridiculous statement. Neo-Con Bimbo obviously has no grasp of the Real GOP.

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

The five idiots

First of all, RP supporters don't sit anything out. We vote PRINCIPLES not PARTY. We refuse to sell out our Country and our Constitution. If you forge in a Neo-Candidate; we will split the vote and Barack Obama will be in for another 4 years. Or, you can support RON PAUL and save this Country. The choice is yours. Oh...and your not fooling anyone with your fake 7%. Take that bull sh*t somewhere else.

Whatcha going to do, when the RP crew comes 4 YOU!

glenn beck pisses me off !!

what little respect i might have had for beck is GONE! this really pisses me off !!



Glenn Beck looks so confident

Glenn Beck looks so confident when he says that he has been saying to bring the troops back for the last 3 (three) years. What a joke this guy has become. Luckily for him, eventually he gets it. So in about 3 years we should expect him to understand, that the acts of militarism and foreign nation occupation plant seeds that produce very bitter fruits for humanity.

I have no idea who Glenn Beck think he is. He seems to be in some sort of start-up euphoria - he looks fatter than ever, he has a new hair color, tan... he looks just like Rush Limbaugh bar the golden mic. He is getting full of himself for sure. And I used to like this guy.

I don't give this bunch of

I don't give this bunch of ass wipes another six months on the air. Notice you haven't heard much about it? Nobody watches this crap. I'd rather watch Glenn Beck cry all day than watch these stooges for an hour.

Something else I wanted to

Something else I wanted to mention.

We need to very seriously organize so that we are able to have a positive influence against this happening.

Imagine it being announced that RP has been excluded from a GOP debate. A few million of us, I think, could deter that from happening. Maybe a group that large would be able to open doors for RP that otherwise would not have been available, such as a 1 on 1 interview on another network at the same time the GOP debate is going on.


These are the same Republican

These are the same Republican insiders who made McCain the nominee in 2008 after he was ready to turn his back on the Republican Party in both 2000, 2004 & 2008. In 2000 he considered running against Bush by trying for the Democratic nomination. Then in 2004 he wanted to be Kerry's VP ( http://www.usatoday.com/news/politicselections/nation/presid... ). And in 2008 Liberman, the Democrat turned fake Independent, was McCain's VP choice until he switched over to Sarah Palin.

The insiders really don't care who represents the party.


If a tourist happened upon

If a tourist happened upon this video because they were struck by red, white and blue and thought this was a patriotic broadcast they might leave, bewildered that they somehow took a turn for the worst and wound up in nazi Germany.

They need to ask the other candidates if they'd endorse Ron Paul

when he wins the nomination.

That's shut them up.

Exactly My Thought Too

how the hell is Ron Paul going to support a GOP/what the media wants when they won't support him!

Better yet Ron Paul should tell the media "Sure I support one of your GOP if you give me the same amount of AIR TIME as the rest and start telling people that I am actually the MOST electable candidate and quit ignoring me when I WIN all the straw polls!""

neocons and democrats are almost the same

i honestly believe the neocons would much prefer to have obama in the white house than dr. paul, because neocons have more in common with obama than they do with dr. paul. both want to police the world and create a global empire.


They are the same. Neo-cons used to be card carrying

Dems before they decided to infiltrate the GOP so they could win no matter who gets the most votes.

So if Barack Obama decides to seek the GOP nomination and wins,

these ass-clowns think everyone else who lost should endorse him?

Since when does having a letter next to your name serve as the sole determinant of an endorsement?

Since when does refusal to compromise principle serve as a litmus test for who gets to debate?

I'd fire these morons in a New York second if they pulled that crap on my network. What pathetic, sorry, asinine failures as journalists they are!

ridiculous republicans

maybe the GOP zombies could "win" by nominating hilary clinton.


Please, don't give them any ideas. If they see no other option

but Ron Paul or Hillary, I shudder to think they will recruit Hillary.

She was originally a Republican ya know? Her dad was a GOP Senator.

Doesn't the Judge sit in on this panel sometimes?

Notice how they didn't bring up their inane observations about Ron Paul while he was on the set.

Jerry Doyle talked about this high school lunch room

group of "five" on his show today (haven't found it on YT).


Take him out of the debates? Then they'll guarantee that he'll run third party and they'll slit their own throats. And if he does, he just may win. And I don't buy this 7% baloney. There are a lot more polls showing Paul at double-digits than at 7%. Even as they are sweating out the "problem" of Ron Paul, they, even then, still try to marginalize him, which is so inconsistent. But, THEY know and WE know that's Paul has a lot more pull than 7%. That's why they're having this little discussion. And there's still time ahead and more skeletons to fall out of closets of other candidates. The fact of the matter is that most Republicans still haven't decided yet. And a lot are looking at Paul. What really burns my ass about these self-righteous, neo-con, talking-heads is their warped and perverse accusations; they're blaming Paul for not playing along with their corruption. But concretely, what are they REALLY blaming Paul for? THEY'RE BLAMING HIM FOR BEING WHAT THEY KNOW THEY SHOULD BE!! They've warped this thing to make him look bad, but the reality is that they're the ones who've compromised so much on their principles that all they've got left is to demonize the guy who is truly standing on principle. In that small clip they showed, what exactly can a true conservative argue with regarding Ron Paul? "...if they believe in expanding the wars, if they don't believe in looking at the Federal Reserve, if they don't believe in real cuts, if they don't believe in deregulation and a better tax system, it would defy everything I believe in!.." Now, what exactly is not conservative about what Paul stands for, based on that statement?? Instead of undermining the guy, they should be cheering him on!!! THEY'RE NOT CONSERVATIVES, BUT ONLY A BOUGHT-AND-SOLD BUNCH OF STATIST HYPOCRITES!!!!


Running 3rd party in our system as it is today

is a political death sentence. No third party run will be successful, no matter how unpopular the GOP or DNC offerings are.

It could be different with Paul though

Imagine if he got the endorsements of the libertarian party, constitution party, reform party, basically all the outside parties. His son would obviously endorse him. Plus all the ones we've helped elect along the way. I dont think it would be as far fetched as some think it would be. Not in this day and age with the internet and everything.


these bobble heads are torture. Shit on your local Republican...RP2012 We don't need dem day need us WINNING!!

9/11 was an inside job .....time to get some answers..RP 2012

Here's what I have to say to these shills...

When has the GOP ever demonstrat­ed support for Ron Paul? They have been blatantly reluctant to give him any traction
what-so-ev­er! They've done nothing to promote the very candidate whose ideals mirror the original platform of the GOP! The GOP once stood for low taxes, small government and no nation building. Where have those ideals gone?

I'll tell you where...to­day's GOP is a ruse. It's been hijacked by big government­, big spending, globetrott­ing imperialis­ts, who's actions would inspire our founding fathers to take up arms again if they were here today! Yet sadly, most GOP followers cluelessly jump from one flawed, compromise­d candidate to another, as they fall from grace, as if they were flavors of the month at Baskin & Robbins!

The truth is that the GOP machine has no one with any real substance and integrity to offer up other than Ron Paul, yet he is the one they've distance themselves from the most! This only proves my point...th­ey obviously have no desire or interest in offering us a truly honest and well qualified individual for the ticket!

I ask you, why vote for Ron Paul? It's simple, he's the only true GOP candidate NOT IN THIS RACE FOR THE POWER AND INFLUENCE HE'LL GAIN FROM IT! If a man like this can't get elected in our country today, especially in the shape that we're in, SHAME ON US! We have nobody to blame for our demise but ourselves!

"Liberty tastes sweetest to those who fight for it, and most bitter to those who work to deny it!"