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Tea Party Republicans, OWS Democrats, so what's new?

Just like the Tea Party was co-opted by business and political interests, so OWS is in danger of being taken over, if not orchestrated by, political and financial interests. Liberals who protest against injustice must also recognize that it is unjust to take from those who labor and give to those who do not. Humanitarian effort should consist of efforts to empower, not to enable dependency. Socialism has not proven to be superior to capitalism, which is not the same as corporatism. Ron Paul's solution to corporatism is not more government regulations, it is simply, "prosecute fraud and corruption".

The grassroots of OWS are tired of being overworked, overtaxed and overburdened. However, there are powers-that-be that would tap into this energy and steer it with propaganda and rhetoric. In the middle, we are individuals trying to enjoy our families, meet our needs and fulfill our destinies. We are out matched and out maneuvered by others with more wealth and resources who seem to want to control us. Our elected officials team up with greedy corporations and write laws to subdue us, control us and spy on us. On this we all agree. Let us not get caught up in paradigms and philosophies, rather let us pursue Liberty and Justice.

If we as a people desire to embrace Liberty and Justice then it is we who must submit to their demands and not vice versa. They will not bow to our personal agendas or philosophies; however, if we accept and surrender to them, we will enjoy their presence in America as a nation.


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good commentary

I even heard Andrew Breitbart in a recent interview making a few of these points.