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Russia Warns Against Israeli Air Strike on Iran

Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavov has warned that a military strike on Iran would be a “very serious mistake” with “unpredictable consequences”, after Israel’s president Shimon Peres said that an attack was increasingly likely.


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Potentially that is a pretty long flight from Israel and back. They will have to launch from Iraq imo or the Afghani place.


If Israel wishes to push this further...

the only option they'll have is to stage another false flag attack on US military assests...ie, the 6th Fleet in Persian Gulf.

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I don't know if that is their only option. As whacked as it sounds I thought I read an article last year or early this year saying the Saudis were letting Israel base planes on Saudi soil for a possible attack on Iran.

I really hope they don't resort to another USS Liberty.

Israel has never signed the NNPT

or even actually admitted that they officially have nukes.
It's just that everybody knows that they do, anyway

So, how come we don't see any calls to attack Israel to destroy their nuclear program?
They are a known terrorist nation.
They are human rights violators.
They are one of the most dangerous and hostile countries on Earth.

Where are the demands to neutralize Israel?

Russia sees the writing on the wall

With all the military advancement putting foreign military bases right on their doorstep.

It would be like China invading Mexico and setting up military bases right on the U.S./Mexico border with ICBM missiles.

Maybe they read Zbigniew Brzezinski's book "The grand Chessboard" which spelled out the middle east strategy decades ago.


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If the nations that do *not* want Iran to get nukes........

are wise, they will *not* go covert. Verbum Sat.

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I really "love" this tactic

'Western officials have admitted that the report, due to be circulated to its 35 member states on Tuesday or Wednesday, will not reveal a “smoking gun” of Iranian nuclear weapon-making.

But it will contain new details of particular activities and add flesh to previous reports that make no other conclusion possible, they have said.'

One paragraph says they don't have a "smoking gun" then the next one states they do by definition of a smoking gun in today's terms.

Same ole doublespeak. Let me translate.. We have no real evidence but we want you to think we do without having to prove anything all the while having a scapegoat in our language.

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Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Uh Oh

Get Ron Paul in 2012 or be prepared for a war with Iran and Russia. It's your choice America!

Last time we & Israel were

Last time we & Israel were beating the war drums against Iran & the "pre-emptive" attack was almost certain, Russia did the same thing. All the "let's attack Iran" stuff seriously toned down after Russia stated they would consider any attack on Iran an attack on Russia. That was in 2007 as far as I recall. The news article is probably still online about it.

It basically sounds as though Russia still feels the same way.

On top of that, let's not forget about the oil pipeline that Pakistan, India and China are depending on. Especially China as they pushed hard to get into that deal. None of them will be too happy if Israel or the US destroys the infrastructure necessary to provide their people with they energy they need.

This has the potential to get really bad really quick, IMO.


Russia could do a lot of

Russia could do a lot of things. one thing they could do is release spy footage(video/audio etc)of the israeli attack upon the USS Liberty. They witnessed the event along with an American submarine. Both were monitoring the 6 day war. Most Americans have never heard of the USS Liberty attack. To add a visual to the controversy would create quite an outrage and or a head scratch in America.

They probably wont do anything this drastic because they still want immunity themselves when they attack their own people. The US exercises their might and maybe they invade South Osettia/Georgia and flex their muscles. Long time ago Russiand and the Americans agreed to proxy wars.

Another thing they could do is complete the transaction with Iran for the advance anti missile system. An israeli lobby convinced them otherwise the last time. In this game of deadly chess where we the people are pawns Russia if they were really anything but friendly proxy sportsmen could do something provocative towards Europe. They could also just rub their hands and grin as another long war bankrupts America.

how I wish *they* would release . . .

the footage. That would do more damage than wikileaks.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I don't think he means

I don't think he means consequences from Russia per se. I think he means the middle east in general being fed up with israel and the states. I really can't see Russian people picking up their rifles and fighting for Ahmendinejaadjadafad or however you spell it


Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)

Russia and China are developing their own off-setting equivalent to NATO called SCO:


The 'Stans along with Pakistan and Iran are either members or pending members.

This current "Israel vs. Iran" thing is just a pre-season "exhibition match" for the real East vs. West proxy war that's coming over the Middle East.

What the neo-cons...

... don't understand (take note Santorum, Gingrich) is that Russia and China view Iran as an ally. They won't allow warmongering pro lifers in Washington to attack Iran unopposed. They might not be ready to march their armies in, but they will supply Iran with plenty of logistics and armament support. It is just plain stupid to even consider a war against Iran. Let Israel deal with Iran. There won't be a grain of "non-irradiated" sand left in Iran when Israel is done. Why should we intervene? Are we going to borrow money from China to fund our war against Iran? Dr.Paul should ask the neo-cons this questions. Who cares about the Iranian conundrum, first let's deal with the financing issue. What will it cost and how are we going to pay for it?

Plano TX

good comments to send to rp

good comments to email to rp as he needs such feedback to win. contactus@ronpaul2012.com


Except that this time around,

it's the warmongering pro-choicers who are running the wars from the Oval Office.

good point . . .


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

NOR will there be anything left of Israel

Even if they manage to survive Iran's response, the civilized world will shun/isolate them to the extent that they will quickly collapse. I just pray that this nest of racist psychopaths don't migrate HERE :-(.

That would be funny as hell.

Let's pose that question to the republican debate host.

This is to Dr.Paul: If we did go to war with Iran, where would we borrow the money from? China perhaps?

That would be a riot!

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

After Tomorrow (11-9), it Won't Matter

Once the IAEA releases their "damning evidence" of Iran's nefariouis nuclear weapons program, a collective gasp will rise from the audience and then

far, far in the back of the room a woman holding a baby in her arms will stand-up and scream-

SOMEBODY'S GOTTA DO SOMETHING! and then promptly faint.

War as theatre. I'm having a hard time keeping track of who're the "good guys"? Anyone have a program???

Russia is just as controlled as the USA

The elites are pretending that Russia will hurt Israel if they attack Iran. Thus, the USA is needed to attack Iran...cuz, Russia won't mess with the USA.

It's all bull.

Russia was taken over by the same folks who took over the USA. The Soviet Union came and fell once certain goals were met, so Russia is more under control than ever.

And the US military is being used to clear out a bunch regimes that compete with the elite's drug and sex markets.

This is a turf war between organized crime organizations. The Western elites are moving in on Islam's turf and the US military is the muscle of the Western elites.

Seeing how US citizens are growing in their hatred of this war, the US pressed the elites to make it seem like they were showing restraint. So the Iran hot potatoe was passed to Israel. But now, Russia is saying that if Israel attacks Iran, then there will be trouble. Did they say that about the USA as we pranced throughout the middle east? No.

So why now...cuz the elites need a half@ssed reason to have the USA attack Iran instead of Israel...thus, the very vague threat from Russia.

Do you guys not get it? most of Europe, the Americas, and several other places have been taken over.

We are fighting for Ron Paul to get a puppet's position (the US Presidency), while the elites have already owned a quarter of the world!

We must understand the big picture if we are to choose the right moves.

Notice the hold outs of this world order are the enemies and/or the ones that suffer: North Korea, Iraq, Syria, Lybia, Iran, Greece, Iceland, etc.

And by owned, I don't mean conquered. I mean owned as in banks owning property. They seek to get control of profitable property. They do so by pirating that property...squeezing it economically. The government stays intact. Once they get it, they seek to make money off that property. If they can't, they dump that property (e.g., Detroit, Philadelphia, etc.).

It is because of the dumped urban areas in the USA that we have poverty, hunger, illiteracy, drop outs, unemployment, single parents, etc. that we haven't had for generations.

Not quite

After the mess created in Libya, Russia and China actually vetoed the UN resolution to place on sanctions on Syria that could potentially lead to an attack.

They might not remain neutral this time around.

you are probably correct, but it is refreshing . . .

that someone "out there" is not pounding on the war drums against Iran. Even if it is rhetoric, it is . . . more welcome than the circus act going on in Washington and with the MSM against Iran.

And, though it is easy to assume that *we* understand Russia from *her* tragic history of being manipulated by the PTB, it will be interesting to see how this unfolds.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I'm not sure that every

I'm not sure that every country is taken over by the same group of crazy individuals... Unfortunately, I think there are many more crazy people who lust for power than we think.

I get this feeling that the rich and powerful don't always agree with each other and compete against each other... I have a feeling that some power-hungry Russians would love to compete with the OPEC/Dollar system and create a new oil trading program denominated in Rubles with Iran.

Considering the obviousness of a dollar collapse, there's a war going on for the creation of a future world reserve currency. It's all about world reserve currency status and who will get to control that currency. That's the ultimate power.

Bottom line: It's not as black and white as we think...

Good post! I have a question though...

Isn't Putin against "Central Banking", or, at least doesn't he put up a good "front"? Do you know about when he took power in the late 90's, and he immediately nationalized Russia's oil, and then paid off Russia's massive debt with oil revenue; thus saving the country from total economic collapse? He refused help from the IMF or World Bank.

China is really no threat to us because they too are controlled by the money trusts set up by the House of Rothschild, but I am not so sure that Russia is under the trust's thumb...at least yet. Do you know more on this?

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Is such a paper tiger it is not even funny.


When Russia went in to defend

When Russia went in to defend the republic of south ossetia from Georgia back in 2008, how long did it take Russia to get the job done? Something like 12 hours or so and they were being begged to stop decimating Georgia's infrastructure and capacity to fight. Russia was impressive.

Of course, our media reported that Russia was the invader and did not report Georgia's sneak attack killing all those guards and the relentless shelling of civilians which started the whole thing.

Compared to the U.S., though, Russia probably cannot compete conventionally. That's what makes it really risky, though.


Thanks john

I knew someone was going to mention that and you are correct and I agree.

Yet, Russia had a chance to use its veto along with China in the Libya resolution and was a no-show.

Apart from killing off Chechens by the boat load I cannot think of any other military advantage they have held.


Good for Russia

checks and balances....

"It does not take a majority to prevail but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

--Samuel Adams

good for Russia . . .

as I collectivize all over the place, knowing that this is just one man speaking for some sort of governmental body--


But good for . . . whomever is saying this.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--