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Ron Paul, right, again on Libya.

Ron Paul, right? Yes, on too many issues and it turns my stomach. Dr. Paul wasn't just right on the Economy, that Iraq was a mistake, and that Osoma Bin Laden and his organization should have been eliminated using Private Contractors and Intelligence Organizations instead of roving around the world creating a popular hatred of our culture. But he was right about Libya too...

Libya flies the Al-Qaeda flag in its victory marches, and the Al-Qaeda flag hangs over the Bengazi courthouse, Sharia law is already being enforced in areas of the country and they chant against the West and the East.

I don't feel a lot safer, the Libyan people haven't been liberated , they've been conquered by a bunch of armed thugs distabilizing a region that is so tribally diverse that it hangs together by a thread...with an omnious threat of blood fueds and religious jihad rekindling at any moment. Sure, they cheer in the streets and how many people cover and shiver in their rooms.

I can't accept the excuse from our Leaders, "How were we to know?", I can't. They should know, because when you go out and kill people and send our armed forces into combat...you better know. Then they dare to disdain those who warned them, Obama personally targeted Ron Paul on this, saying "America needs to show a united front

That Ron Paul was right, and so specifically correct about what would happen in Libya doesn't bother me. What bothers me is that, they are talking about a Hermain Cain sex scandal on the news. Who cares! Another country bombed into religious extremism that that endorses an organization that wants our culture eradicated. Then we talk about Hermain Cain's sex life ad nauseum (and ughh...disgusting, just don't tell me anymore) instead of the people who are consistently correct on foreign policy and the economy.

I heard some people say, Libya is a bad idea, but only Ron Paul laid out specifics...we don't know who we're supporting we could be handing the country over to Islamic extremists. Ron Paul told us that we should just stay out of their business, and we'd be safer. Now what...another country who's citizens we've bombed and killed that supports Al'Qaeda...but more importantly Hermain Cain got laid over 20 years ago...

Maybe, this is 1984, and they need to create some fresh enemies to perpetuate their war...and keep us in line. A testament to the failure of our culture, sure we won the war, but the Germans would've accomplished the Big Brother Project a quarter century earlier.

What did my ancestors fight and die for?
Tequito's and Hollywood?
Someone free me from this nightmare.

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Or....we could have just

Or....we could have just minded our own business.

Elites are turning middle east into another Africa

Destroy the civilization...round up the young...turn them into slaves of various sort (including soldier slaves that monitor sex slaves, drug slaves, gold/silver/diamond slaves, etc.).

They can't handle us knowing the truth!