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$1 Federal Reserve Bank Note Worth 1% of a US Dollar

1913 U.S. $20 Dollar Liberty Gold Coin:

Gold is currently at $1795 Federal Reserve Notes per ounce. Based upon the 1913 US $20 gold coin pictured above, coined the year the Federal Reserve bank was created, the current Federal Reserve Note is really only worth about 1% of the 1913 dollar.

Where did the other 99% of the dollar's value go?

It was stolen through counterfeiting.

Further info on the 1913 US St. Gaudens Double Eagle Gold Coin

Write your representatives and ask them to support H.R.459 and S.202, the Federal Reserve Transparency Acts of 2011, and H.R.1098, the Free Competition in Currency Act of 2011.


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I couldn't even write this without gold going up over $1800

The FRN is weakening by the minute. Someone is having a terrible time suppressing the value of gold.