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Latest Ohio, Iowa & Mississippi Polls

Ron continues to struggle in the South

Cain leads in Ohio with 34% to 20% for Newt Gingrich, 19% for Mitt Romney, 5% each for Ron Paul and Rick Perry, 4% for Michele Bachmann, 2% for Jon Huntsman, and 1% each for Gary Johnson and Rick Santorum. These numbers are particularly notable because PPP polled in Ohio just 3 weeks ago- Cain's 34% now is the exact same share he had then, with Romney standing steady and Gingrich up 5 points. At least in that state Cain hadn't lost any support at all as of the weekend.

In Iowa Senate District 18, where a special election today will determine control of the Iowa State Senate, Cain leads as well with 25% to 16% for Gingrich and Romney, 9% for Paul, 7% for Perry, 6% for Bachmann, 3% for Huntsman and Santorum, and 1% for Johnson.

And in Mississippi we see evidence for the impending Newt surge, although Cain is doing pretty well there too. Gingrich is at 28% to 25% for Cain, 14% for Perry, 12% for Romney, 5% for Bachmann, 4% for Paul, and 1% each for Huntsman, Johnson, and Santorum.


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