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Ron Paul Sex Scandal?

It has been widely reported that Ron Paul
Has touched the private parts of at least
four thousand women.
No complaints have been filed.

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In fact, I also heard...

...many of those women he touched cried tears of joy soon after. No charges filed, true. In fact, many would like to thank him for what he did.

the irony?

is that his opponents have often said that he delivered the babies to the constituents.

If that doesnt define a mans character.. well I guess you are effin retarded.

Who was it that told Clinton, 'Its the economy stupid!'

Well Ive got a better one.

'Its the principle, you dipchit.'

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

I Loved this!!! No offended

I Loved this!!! No offended woman here ...

This made me laugh.

If this was on the Daily Show, people on this site would be going, 'OMG, did you see last night's Daily Show!? Jon Stewart just gave a shout-out to Dr. Paul, that clip was brilliant! Ron Paul Sex Scandal! Let's make this video go viral!'


This kind of humor requires an acquired taste...

obviously a prevalent amount of humor arose from this thread based on our known history of the Good Dr.... however, there are a few here that refuse to understand that Liberty takes all kinds... Keep in mind patriots, you don't have the right to not be offended... keep this up and you'll start sounding like a bunch of commie libs...

Love ya fellow Patriots...
Get back to work.


Somewhere there are men planning the next destructive and evil ploy to make this world their own... The common man is not part of that plan as we would see fit... Merely pawns to be used against one another.

This kind of humor requires NO taste. (Or sense)!

Or any concern for how offensive it might be or how much a misleading headline might affect our candidate when it comes up in a search.

We CONSTANTLY complain about the press when it gives us a misleading headline about Dr. Paul. But SOME of us think its hillarious when we do the same thing ourselves.

Oh my God I just Googled Ron Paul and hot babe....

and it took me to a porno site!
What are people going to think?

Poor choice

No, this isn't a "sex scandal" at all and you're misleading people.

Those of you in America who have flown on an airline know that you have a choice of either being irradiated or sexually molested.

How many of you Americans find it funny to be molested by your TSA? What's your complaint with the TSA since they're legally grabbing you? You men shouldn't complain one bit.

You think it's fine to suggestively joke about women being molested even though Nui didn't say that Ron Paul is a doctor, and many people don't know that he is, the press will publish the story far and wide, especially over the internet with the only important title, "Ron Paul Sex Scandal". The mindless masses will read only the title and the real scandal will be in the deception that was created in the original post.

Google already has this listed on it's search results.

The post and all comments should've been deleted immediately.


is it just me.. or are Paul supporters to damn serious sometimes???????????????

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Must admit smiling when I

Must admit smiling when I first read this. However, to those of us who have endured ob/gyn exams this is inappropriate. Never mind that the gentleman Dr. Paul would likely find such a comment embarrassing too.

Trust in God, but tie your camel tight.

"Socialism needs two legs on which to stand; a right and a left. While appearing to be in complete opposition to one another,they both march in the same direction." - Paul Proctor

This thread...

...should probably be deleted.

I suppose that would be a *DUMP* as opposed to a *BUMP*?

As a 49 year old woman I find this very offensive

and tasteless....and this is coming from someone that is NOT a prude and very far from politically correct and I live in a trailer house. ;O)

come on Nui - you were there when that guy

asked Dr. Paul in N.O. if he read the Daily Paul and then you posted the video...I hope he isn't reading the DP today. I hope he has more of a sense of humor than I have.

Yes I was the guy that drove 10 hrs to N.O...

to video tape the event and vote in the straw poll.
And yes I think the Doctor has a better sense of humor than you.

since we are competing

I drove 9 hrs to LV for the debate and all of the events there but you still win. :-)

Just to make sure we understand our priorities then....

Its CHUCKLES first.

And giving a damn about how our candidate is perceived when he comes up on Google, second.

Got it.

Filthy minded pervert!

Your comment is disgusting, crude, perverted and misleading- essentially a lie.

While I realize most of the comments here are directly from Trailer Trash located in Inbred Arkansas, or some ex-military types, those of us of sensibilities and honor regard your comments as an insult to Dr. Paul's life and work.

You idiots that are encouraging this stupid thread will never be ashamed of your comments- but Ron Paul will.

Don't give the enemy any opportunity to malign the greatest politician America has had for the past 100 years.

Regardless what you think of

Regardless what you think of the headline, the idea is pretty clever IMHO.

In fact, I have wanted to have Jack Hunter or someone creative, write a story about how Ron Paul sold out to a special interest group.

the headline:

BREAKING: Ron Paul SELLS OUT to Special Interest Group

It starts out about how all the rest of the candidates have their own SI groups, and how they thought RP was different, but then starts talking about how this massive, secret, pervasive group that is pulling the strings of the Ron Paul campaign. A group so powerful, that nothing can stand in their way.
This group is so secretive, that other members don't even know about the secret. They have members in all branches of Govt., military, academia, and industry. Representatives in all colors of the political spectrum..

The founders of this group all swore an oath, that if things ever got out of hand, they would step in and get involved. Now this group is stepping out of the shadows. The sleeping giant has been awakened.
Anyway, the "secret special interest group" ends up being the American people, or We the People..
The End.

The point is that the OPPOSITE of the headline is true, and it ends up contrasting RP to these other shlubs who have sold out to REAL special interests.

This type of thing IS an 'acquired taste' as some have put it. It can go badly if done incorrectly, or if someone doesn't have a good grasp of the English language.. I certainly don't like it when some others here have attempted satire. This headline doesn't bother me so bad. I'm not a woman though.

I can tell you one thing. The guy and the people you are flinging insults at, are not your enemy.
Nui, is a die hard supporter, and a great person.

I'd let him in my foxhole any day.....Wait. That didn't read right. Don't get any big ideas Nui. Ya Perv....8)

Thanks for the kind words.....

Here's a big ole cyber hug
my liberty loving, fox hole buddy.

I am neither "Travel trash" or ex-military....

But my Uncle Dad and Aunt Mom
Live in Arkansas.

I am both trailer trash and

I am both trailer trash and ex-military, but I'm also an Ivy League graduate who drives a semi.

I'm also related not only to my father, but my mother as well!

I still don't know where I'm going with this...

oh boo hoo

Yeah, because insulting people by calling them inbred trailer trash is taking the high road, right? Real "honorable".

A signature used to be here!

Didn't know we were supposed to check...

our sense of humor at the door. I think this is a pretty funny post.

Press doesn't give us enough misleading negative headlines

We need to write a few that slam our candidate on our own.

Go ahead.

Google "Ron Paul Scandal".

Good thinking.

(Which side is Nui on?)

You are right, and thank you for your help.

It's not enough that some of us have serious issues with this thread- others are determined to trounce on us. Sad state of affairs here at the DP.

Do they not get that this is NOT a private forum?

Don't they get that this stuff comes up in Google Searches?

Are they in to sabotaging our own efforts for a chuckle?

Maybe they simply aren't serious about Ron Paul?


because when someone makes a joke that you don't like, they're obviously out to sabotage to campaign.

If you don't find the thread funny, fine, but to make allusions that one is deliberately trying to do harm or isn't "serious about Ron Paul" simply because you don't like the content of a single post is a bit irrational, no?

A signature used to be here!

Considering how plausible it is that an OBGYN might face

charges for inappropriate behavior, to even loosely JOKE that this was the case for Dr. Paul, is reckless.