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Video - WH Press Secretary - Robert Gibbs "Don't comment on the Federal Reserve."

On October 20th former White House press secretary/Obama adviser Robert Gibbs hosted a press conference at Trump Towers in Chicago. We are Change Chicago reporter Tim Marszalik attended and asked the tough questions that the local presstitutes refused to ask.

Robert Gibbs clearly comments on camera "I always have a rule for the White House, uh, Clarence probably could vouch for this for decades, don't comment on the Federal Reserve."

The above quote can be seen at 2:30 in the video.

Check out the video here: http://www.wearechange.org/?p=10579


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Ron Paul legacy -- a Constitutional Amendment?

What does this tell us? First, it should tell us that those who make a living "inside the beltway" think of the FED as some secret, awful power force that any good corporate apologist worth his salt would do well to avoid talking about. And why… because to do so is to risk becoming a pariah. Simply stated, any career as a Washington D.C. insider depends on it.

Gibbs is admitting to a group mindset, or what Ron Paul once called “a conspiracy of ideas” and here we see an admission by the press secretary that this “conspiracy” has been in operation for decades. While Gibbs doesn't literally use the term "WE" in his statement, he might well have done so, for that is exactly what he communicates. This begs the question: who is this "WE" exactly? Clearly, the "WE" not only includes Republican and Democrat administrations, it also includes press secretaries and "newspaper" men going back decades. The "We" is anyone who is a government insider, and more to the point, anyone who wishes to continue functioning effectively in that copacetic capacity.

There is an old Indian chief who said, "When the White Man lies, he speaks his native tongue." I think of that quote every time I hear the White House press secretary talk. Gibbs was giving this reporter from "We Are Change" a lesson in Washington culture (i.e., corporate apologetics) not knowing who it was he was talking too. He was saying, "Watch and learn how its done young man.” Basically saying, “If you want to be a success like me then you should imitated the way I speak." Gibbs is a great example for those with “White Man” envy (i.e., those sick with greed, ambition, and the lust for power). Mr. Gibbs is a perfect model of how to use the English Language-—make your criminal pay masters look the paragons of virtue and silence any difficult questions before they are asked. This is exactly what the Indian chief was talking about--the White Man speaking forked tongue.

Notice how Gibbs said, "I have a policy" then he stopped in midsentence to point to an authority outside himself to support the notion that this same policy has been in place for decades. That is, long before Gibbs got to that esteemed position (while he was still in short pants), that unofficial policy was well established by other “authorities” (and so it remains). Such unspoken rules everyone agrees to uphold are ubiquitous in our culture. We see this “group think” on our jobs all the time; in fact it is part and parcel of corporate America. Telling lies in the work place is common place, it is something we have all been schooled to emulate and imitate in the name of being “professional.” Perhaps without knowing it we have been instructed by those leaders society has given us as examples follow. From the President of the United States on down to his press secretary—we see these liars practice their crafty skillful deception day in and day out, and they have become our teachers. Without even being conscious of that fact, we have all been schooled to emulate these liars and their “people skills.” There is no denying the fact that is the way human beings learn—we imitate.

So here we are, speaking with a forked tongue, deeply schooled in the art of deception by Corporate Apologetics and professional/political criminals “leaders” and for what purpose? So we can be considered management material? If you want to get ahead in this world, if you want to earn your place in our society and achieve the American dream—then you better learn to lie. Those who are not skilled in the subtle art of deception are unlikely to ever rise up to a higher station in American society. If you’re looking for a good example to follow in this art of Corporate Apologetics, one needs look no further than the white house press secretary.

Those who are born and raised in middle class America had better learn to imitate their fellow Corporate Apologist’s—like Mr. Gibbs—or risk losing their own well paying jobs. Learning to lie is the name of the game in corporate America, for this is what affords those in management the luxuries they enjoy and keep them safe in their lifestyle as part of the genteel establishment. If you want to attain or keep a mid-level management position within any hierarchical structure (including organized religion), you just need to acquire the skill to spin every difficult question, and there by avoid the truth, and when necessary concoct good sounding half-truths that will silence those difficult questions. Once you get those skills down pat, you have what it takes to be successful in corporate America.

So, while the art work, carpets, and furniture in the White House may change every four years--this policy of silence on the Federal Reserve has not... until.... the Ron Paul came on national scene in 2007 and upset the proverbial apple cart. By raising this issue of the Federal Reverse and many other taboo issues, a popular following known at the Ron Paul Revolution has erupted and forever changed the political landscape of this country.

If you want to know what is wrong with this world just watch and listen to this guy Gibbs talk... I used to see this same kind of "smooth talk" when I worked in the corporate world... it seems these people learn from each other how to tell lies... they watch and imitate each other on how to put a spin on everything... they don't care about the truth, they just have a job to do--and that job is to make their corporate employer look good. Those who are good at doing this get rewarded with jobs in mid-level management. I have seen this over and over my entire life—and I’m sure you have too. So what can we do about it?

While I do not expect the basic flaw of human nature to reverse itself, I do think we have come to a historic tipping point where pushing forward a new Constitutional Amendment may be possible. I’m not sure what that amendment would say, but if Ron Paul does run third party, I'd like to see him craft that amendment and push it forward as his main issue. This could have two effects--one it could help get him elected President, and two (failing that) it could bring about a real change even if he never takes office.

Any idea on what that Amendment might say? I think it could do two things, return us to a value based money system and end the central banking system. But selling that idea isn't going to be easy... what is popular right now is this idea that "corporations aren't people" and "money isn't free speech" -- maybe with a little thought we can craft a message that accomplishes both goals and reaches people on both the right, left, and center.


"I'd be happy to serve as the Ambassador to Italy" - R Gibbs

Robert Gibbs, Whitewash Press Secretary glibly comments, "Don't comment on the Federal Reserve." Can't take a joke.

Mr G is a funny man. Here he is in his very own resignation press conference, January 2011.

If [Mr O] wins re-election?

    "I told the president that I would be happy to serve as the Ambassador to Italy in his second administration." - Robert Gibbes, Whitewash House resignation speech, January 2011. At 1:16 in his 1 minute 47 second resignation speech.

He joins the Whitewash Re-election campaign. He continues to joke about very sad situations.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul


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